The Lifelong Learning Committee of Temple Judea had the privilege recently of hosting Dr Charles A. Riley II, the director of the Nassau County Museum of Art.

Riley spoke with great enthusiasm about the museum’s current exhibit, “Blue.” His presentation to the congregants was via Zoom, as he gave a walking tour within the museum describing in great depth many of the works of this new exhibit.

Riley is a world-wide renowned author and lecturer. He has authored 32 books, the most recent of which is “Free as Gods: How the Jazz age Reinvented Modernism”.
His wife, Dr. Keming Liu, a noted translator of Chinese poetry and a professor at CUNY held the camera as she followed Riley around the museum, adding to the charm and intimacy of the lecture.

Riley’s enthusiasm for his work as the museum director as well as his expansive knowledge of art provided the congregants with a thrilling and exciting program.

In the Q & A afterward, the congregants expressed much enthusiasm and acknowledgment of Riley’s talk and appreciation of his description and analysis of the paintings and other
works of art.

The origin of blue in art was especially interesting as Riley described that blue was a rare color in ancient times and was used mostly in works that were of a religious nature. Rabbi Todd Chizner pointed out that blue has religious significance for Jews, and can be found in many Jewish items of worship.
The museum is now open on a limited basis and Dr. Riley encouraged all to visit to see these treasures that are in our own “backyard”.

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