The Lost Book Of Remedies Reviews [2021 Updated]



It was a tale of about 3,15,000 years ago when a terrestrial species had begun walking upright on the ground, and they were termed to be Homo Sapiens or simply,  Human Beings. Charles Darwin, the Father Of Evolution, in his book “The Origin Of Species” had brought forth the phrase “Survival Of The Fittest” into existence. 

It is ever since then we have developed the understanding that during these past several years, amid which we are an exponentially growing population, each of us has developed several ways to strive for not just our survival, but for the sustainability of our coming generations as well. 

We, the millennia, have been incorporating technology to be an essential part of our lives. Our forefathers lived in a time where computers were far ahead, electricity was not a fortune to everybody. Isn’t it so difficult to fathom putting ourselves in an era with no computers, or mobile phones, or even electricity? 

Since resources are a need for the hour, we have to slowly learn to lean back to the wisdom our forefathers left behind for our survival. One such attempt to trace this is Claude Davis’ book “The Lost Book of Remedies”.

This article will take you through step by step on almost everything this book might have in store for you.

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The Lost Book of Remedies Review: Brand Overview

The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies is a digitally published instructional guide that aims to draw the reader’s attention to the traditional practices and skills that have been tried and tested since several generations. It is an account of the age-old remedies and methods that might make an individual aware of the very concept of sustainability in their lives. 

This 318 paged book predominantly follows the ancient Native American practices that incorporate 550 different naturally derived remedies from a plethora of about 181 different species of flora and fauna found across North America’s biodiversity.

With a rise in the most common environmental concerns such as pollution, global warming, and resource deterioration, the human population is very vulnerable in falling prey to a number of challenges in the time to come.

The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies might be one such attempt to educate humankind on the concept of sustenance and survival, along with preparing them to channelize various manual methods of survival rather than depending on machinery to get their regular tasks done with time.


  • The digital book is a helpful survival manual that includes continuous, life-saving tips to plan for unanticipated disasters. Anyone who would want to follow the procedures enrolled in “The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies” by Claude Davis might consider it valuable, and relatable in everyday life.
  • Another truly attractive reality about the book is that it coordinates the utilization of fundamental, crude materials, fixings, and instruments that are not difficult to profit and maintain also. Truth be told, some of them might be lying around in your storeroom itself! 
  • The book might help bring a save on your pocket over the long haul. For example, by following the clever systems laid out in the book, you can attain a better and sustainable way of food, water and prescription, which might also prepare yourself and your friends and family for forthcoming disasters. 
  • While there are several survival references gliding on the web nowadays,”The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies” might rise above all of them. It contains adequate data that might assist you with moderating debacles, both man-made and natural at any point of time.
  • The data given in the book is dependent on the sensible, attempted, and tried thoughts. It doesn’t include void guarantees and bogus cases, nor does it talk about unique speculations and phony claims , rather it depends on in-your-face realities that are reasonable to carry out, and coordinated at making the cutting edge man more independent and in line with Earth and its resources.
  • It is accessible in an advanced and actual configuration.
  • Last yet not the least, the book comes upheld by a strong, 60-day money back guarantee, so in case you remain unsatisfied,  you can send it back for a full discount, on the off chance that you are not happy with the outcomes. However, the terms and conditions associated with the same are available on the official website.


  • “The Lost Book of Remedies” by Claude Davis might be a little intimidating to a certain set of audience taking into consideration the fact that not everyone might be comfortable adopting traditional methods.
  • Another issue with the book is that it’s not intended to deliver prompt outcomes. Thus, you can hope to buy it and figure out how to manage disasters for a short period of time.
  • One must ensure to follow the guidelines cautiously and meticulously before putting it into practice, just as benefiting every one of the essential devices and materials might get, one must keep in mind that not all outcomes might be of the same kind.
  • The book is only available in an e book form, and thus might not be an ideal fit for people who prefer a paperback version.

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Who Is The Person Behind The Lost Book of Remedies?

“The Lost Book of Remedies” is a handiwork of Claude Davis, who has battled the most demanding circumstances over a period of 30 years in and around the United States Of America.

Through “The Lost Book of Remedies” he not only gives an account of how to survive, but also emphasises on the vital need of passing the wisdom of our forefathers to the coming generations.

He incorporates his childhood experiences attained through his grandparents along with the knowledge of several others to create this book for the welfare of mankind.

The era in recent times seems to have been aloof from the ideals of the society. Due to the influence of power and technology, it is also hard for the young people of this era to gain survival. This very factor had pushed Claude Davis into writing “The Lost Book of Remedies”, to bring back people into believing in the power of traditional practices.

What Is In The Very Crux Of “The Lost Book of Remedies”?

  • Never Take Your Gifts For Granted:

We are a generation that have been abundantly gifted with resources of all kinds. With the inventions of various machinery to precisely use these resources is simply a cherry on the cake. What we fail to understand here is that this has led the entire human population into forming a cocoon around them and resting in their comfort zones. 

Talking about the consequences? One Calamity, One Pandemic, One Crisis could all turn our lives upside down. Claude Davis mentions that this is one such point where we tend to step out of our comfort zones and work hard to calm down the stir created. 

In addition to this, he also mentions that one must always strive to be self reliant, self-sufficient and learn to discipline themselves by keeping a check on their resource usage. 

  • Learn From What Our Forefathers Have Left For Us:

Each thing that was discovered till date required a lot of trial and testing to evolve into what it is today. While some discoveries have been given revolutionary makeovers, some have remained the same since generations. Whatever be the outcome, the knowledge traces its origin back to what our ancestors had done. 

From using drum rolls as a mode of speech to learning the operation of the most complex machinery, each of it, somewhere down the line used the concepts of what our forefathers adopted during their times for survival.

According to Claude Davis, this wisdom that our forefathers had left behind for us ought to be treasured and respected in the time to come.

  • Believe In All That You Are: 

One very essential takeaway from Claude Davis’ “The Lost Book of Remedies” is that you do not necessarily have to belong from ancient origins to practice what they do.

During a time of crisis one must be capable enough to stand on their own feet and handle the adversities that might come forth with the crisis. “The Lost of Remedies” by Claude Davis is a guide that might enable an individual to be more self reliant and independent when it comes to handling tasks. 

According to Claude Davis it is within an individual to infuse a sense of discipline in their lives. By adopting the traditional practices mentioned in the book, one might be strengthened to face any tribulations and turbulence that they might come across with sufficiency rather than confining themselves to the comfort zone. 

Content Analysis- What’s Inside “The Lost Book of Remedies”?

Many people assume that “The Lost Book of Remedies” is only a guide to the natural alternatives for over the counter pharmaceutical drugs. However, one should know that it explores more than that. It is an amalgam of several aspects of survival which includes methods of food, cooking and preservation, water preservation, shelter and storage, trap making techniques and common medicinal remedies. A brief review of the contents contain in the “The Lost Book of Remedies” is as follows-

  • Food Recipes And Preservation:

The book deals with a plethora of quick and extremely nutritious recipes that were used by our forefathers under economical feasible conditions.  During the ancient times since refrigerators or electricity were not a backup for the people, several methods were used to preserve food for a long time. “The Lost Book of Remedies” brings into light about these different techniques of storing and preserving food to avoid a hassle of complicated machinery.

  • Water Preservation:

There are several non-renewable resources that have been deteriorating with time, and water being one of them. Studies suggest that places like Capetown have already fallen short of water and have to now learn to manage their resources wisely.

Water stands as an essential element in our everyday lives and its scarcity during times of crisis can only make things worse.

The Lost Book of Remedies” can help provide a proper plan to store and preserve water in order to make use of it in an efficient manner.

  • Shelter And Storage:

According to the hierarchy of needs as given by Abraham Maslow, shelter stands as one of the vital elements when it comes to human physiological needs. In this era of technology and machinery, people have forgotten to practice the wise use of space when it comes to constructing houses. “The Lost Book of Remedies” explores different methods of productively using a limited amount of space by  constructing underground and weather proof buildings.

According to the official website, Claude Davis mentions that these shelter methods that were adopted by our forefathers are sufficient enough to accommodate approximately about a family of four.

  • Trap Making Techniques:

Security stands as another vital element of physiological needs. It has the ability to protect human beings from any kinds of threats. “The Lost Book of Remedies” provides different methods of trap making to ensure a steady flow in the food chain and prepare individuals to protect themselves in times of crises.

  • Common Medicinal Remedies:

Many of us have been so dependent on the pharmaceutical industries that for the most tiniest concern we tend to pop a pill into our bodies. What we fail to recognise is that growing a few herbs in our backyard could enable us to avoid unnecessary consumption of different medicines.

“The Lost Book of Remedies” provides an account of about 550 such remedies that might help treat the most common physical concerns at the comfort of your own homes.

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Why Is It Vital To Switch Back To The Good Old Remedies?

How many of us have known that the most common plants grown in your backyard could perform wonders in your lifestyle? Aloe Vera for your skin, Wild Lettuce Leaf or the opium lettuce extract for pain relief, peppergrass and mint for detoxification, and so much more!

Our very own gardens hold the key to unveil the mysteries of the most common physical concerns that we might be going through on an everyday basis. 

It is true to mention that dedicating a few minutes to adopting a few of these ways for starters, might not just pave a new way for your lifestyle, but can also help you attain a sense of achievement and satisfaction for independently being able to handle your concerns.

Are you still in doubt? There are so many more remedies mentioned in “The Lost Book of Remedies” by Claude Davis which might grab your attention to exploring what our forefathers did from scratch to keep themselves going all these years.

Learning Outcome – What Could You Take Away From The Lost Book of Remedies?

  • Role Of Preparation During Unforeseen Circumstances:

A disaster most likely to occur during times of uncertainties. Thus, Claude Davis emphasises on the importance of remaining prepared during these times of crisis, be it natural calamities, pandemics or health consequences due to our own negligence, we must remain prepared to keep things under control in order to avoid an escalation of the same,

“The Lost Book of Remedies” is a guide that might mentally prepare an individual and also might pave a path of solution one to keep things under control during a crisis.

  • Importance Of Dynamism:

Before publishing the book Claude Davis had himself lived the native American life for around 30 years, thus, he can be entitled as a “survival expert”. Through his book he emphasises that without dynamically working at the time of crisis, one can never bring the situation under control. 

He explains one of such ideologies through the example of the ‘Donner party’ incident where the immigrants were all perished because they were not able to work with dynamism to keep situations under control. He also sends forth the message that dynamically working might also minimize resource wastage.

  • Self Sustenance Equals Survival:

It is very rightly said that at the end of the day an individual will only find himself as a source of help during the time of a crisis. Thus, independently working plays a key role in efficiently managing a crisis. Incorporating the power of nature in your lifestyle might not only keep you connected to nature but might also help one use the renewable resources more productively. “The Lost Book of Remedies” provides a complete account of different plants that can be used as a source of food along with using resources like water, sun and the forest for one’s sustenance.

  • Medicinal Alternatives:

How many of us were aware that native American recipes had the power to heal our bodies? While on one side our bodies are exposed to constant trauma caused by the destructive changes in the environment, on the other hand we might be able to live in the hope that the wisdom our forefathers had left behind for us might be a calm in the chaos. “The Lost Book of Remedies” is a source of reviving these traditional techniques among the millenia.

  • Importance Of Alertness:

Alertness plays an important role in maintaining vigilance and works hand in hand with dynamic working. To ensure one’s safety and protection it is important for an individual to remain alert at all times. “The Lost Book of Remedies” provides different methods of creating your own trap systems, traditional constructional methods for shelter all that might contribute to improving the security of an individual.

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What Can You Expect From “The Lost Book of Remedies” Package?

One of the best parts of this package is that you don’t just receive a copy of ”The Lost Book of Remedies“, you get to have a digital copy of 3 other books, these include:

  • What Every Survivalist should grow in his backyard

This book throws light on different food sources that can be used in multiple ways. It is a catalogue to the most common edible plants that are easy to grow, easy to prepare, and easy to preserve. 

  • How To Outlive An EMP, The Early Pioneer Way

This book mainly derives its focus on the lifestyle of the Native American ancestors without investing themselves into a lot of technology and discovers different aspects like health, exercise, everyday lifestyle etc.

  • Building Your Own Can Rotation System

While “The Lost Book of Remedies” suggests different methods of water and food preservation, this book might give an individual a detailed description on how to store food in a limited amount of space through the can rotation system.

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How Is “The Lost Book of Remedies” Different From Other Books In The Market?

  • The Objective

Claude Davis, the  author of “The Lost Book of Remedies” intended to imbibe the traditional methods used by our forefathers into the current generation. He found this important because he feels it is vital for every individual to independently work during a time of crisis rather than putting themselves in their comfort zones. This not only can enhance their ability to be self sufficient but can also bring about  a positive impact on their health.

  • Reachable Mode Of Communication

“The Lost Book of Remedies” is available in the form of an e book. Since the majority of the population is reliant on the internet for their daily concerns, this mode of communication can help reach a wider set of audience.

  • Content 

‘The Lost Book of Remedies” is a complete historical account of the evolution of human survival till date. It might enlighten its readers on how to live a minimalist lifestyle and at the same time induce a sense of harmony in it. Each chapter in the book takes the readers through weapon making skills, traditional recipes, aspects like water, food, shelter preservation, and also prepares an individual to protect themselves in times of need.

  • Style Of Writing

Claude Davis in his book “The Lost Book of Remedies” takes its readers through a journey from the Stone Age Era to the Modern times within the 356 pages of the text. He uses narrative styles and incorporates several relatable instances to vividly explain the life of the native Americans. We might also observe a reflection of his passion towards living like a true American.

  • Learning Outcomes

After reading the entire book one might be prepared with at least a rough idea on how to survive during the time of crises. A few of such instances might include learning to manage non-renewable resources, productively equipping renewable resources, and inculcating economic feasibility etc.

  • Bonus Gifts

The Lost Book of Remedies” is not the only text that you will be receiving on your purchase. There are three other texts namely- “What Every Survivalist should grow in his backyard”, “How To Outlive An EMP, The Early Pioneer Way” and “Building Your Own Can Rotation System”. These books might enable you to expand your knowledge from what is being briefly described in “The Lost Book of Remedies”.

Availability- Where Can I Find “The Lost Book of Remedies” and How Much Does It Cost?

“The Lost of Remedies” is available for purchase on its official website.

The entire package contains an ebook of “The Lost Book of Remedies”, “What Every Survivalist should grow in his backyard”, “How To Outlive An EMP, The Early Pioneer Way” and “Building Your Own Can Rotation System” retails for $37.

According to its official website a 60 day money back guarantee is offered with the purchase. The terms and conditions associated with the money back guarantee can be found for reference on the official website.

Who Should Be Buying “The Lost Book of Remedies”?

If you are someone who really desires to experience the Native American life, wishes to incorporate the ancient traditions into your lifestyle, or simply wishes to explore more about the survival techniques of Native American ancestors, then “The Lost Book of Remedies” might be an ideal read for you. The book even uses a narrative style in it’s language, it focuses on exposing facts about survival, rather than presenting a fabricated or fictional information. Thus, if you are someone who is a fictional reader, and is expecting fictional content from the text, then “The Lost Book of Remedies” might not be an ideal read for you.

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The Lost Book of Remedies Reviews – Conclusion

A crisis is one such situation where the question of Human Survival is at stake. A crisis can include anything from being a natural calamity to getting affected by a grave disease.

To keep a control on the intensity of such circumstances, it is essential to begin practicing self survival rather than being dependent on modern machinery or over the counter medications.

Claude Davis, an American who has been practicing the Native American methods to inculcate self sustenance, for over 30 years, emphasises this very fact in his book “The Lost Book of Remedies“.

The book explores about 550 natural alternatives and remedies to treat the concerns an individual might go through on a regular basis. It is not just confined to remedies, but also explores the different techniques in preservation, safety, and resource management to enable individuals to lead an independent life.

However, choices of lifestyle are subjective to an individual’s freedom and opinion, thus the book promotes a suggestive way of living that might bring about a number of benefits to individuals in several ways.