The Ultimate BioHack arrives in Queens


Most of us begin to feel the gradual effects of muscle and bone atrophy at the ripe age of 30. Year after year, everyone experiences a steady loss of physic, balance, bone mineral density and muscle strength. At best we can hope to slow the process with rigorous exercise and a healthy diet. What if, however, science had provided a way to completely reverse bone loss, increase strength and improve balance well after the age of 30?

The exciting news is that this is not just a scientific theory, its not just some interesting piece of research or hypothesis but its something that is here now and available. Recent research shows that standard exercise isn’t nearly as effective as been traditionally believed at developing muscles and bones. A peer-reviewed study conducted in 2012 found that for a person to increase bone density faster than they are losing then it requires high levels of osteogenic loading, which is resistance of at least 4.2 times one’s body weight. This research sent shock waves, because it has been believed for over a century that simply increasing weight on the skeletal system would increase strength.

The OsteoStrong system takes advantage and activated a natural biological response in the body known as Wolff’s Law. This concept has been taught in medical schools for decades and substantiated in the US Surgeon General’s 2004 report on Osteoporosis and Bone Density however it was never able to be applied safely and effectively until OsteoStrong. Once the process of bone and muscle tissue growth has been triggered, the human body does the rest of the work without any effort. Data from over a million sessions at OsteoStrong and countless personal testimonals are changing how people are choosing to strength their bones, muscles and improving their balance. Fact is1 in 2 women and 1 in 5 men will experience a bone fracture after the age of 50, OsteoStrong has the ability to change those statistics.

In fact, it has caught the attention of the world famous speaker and philanthropist, Tony Robbins. He has personally experienced this system and says at the age of 57, he’s in the best shape of his life after using it.

OsteoStrong uses patent pending Spectrum equipment, a system where members exude approximately 60 seconds of effort, one time per week, to strengthen the foundation of the body – the skeletal system. This is the ultimate way to naturally improve bone health, balance and strength that’s easy to do with amazing results from thousands of members and backed by evidence based research. It is not a gym, diet, supplement, pharmaceutical, or medical treatment. It is a unique and strategic system that could improve bone density, balance, and athletic performance and lessens joint/back pain for individuals of all ages. Using a process known as Osteogenic Loading, OsteoStrong delivers quick, painless, sweat-free and measurable results, unleashing physical freedom for its users. This unique system is backed by science, research and thousands of member’s experiences.

“With the ability to alter the mechanical strength of the entire skeletal system at the cellular level and virtually eliminate hundreds of billions of dollars in global healthcare costs, this new center will extend access to physical freedom through bone health to individuals of all ages. I’m very excited for the opening of OsteoStrong Bayside” shared Kyle Zagrodzky, Founder and CEO of OsteoStrong.

This one-of-a-kind experience and technology delivers measurable results as early as the second visit.

The owner of OsteoStrong Bayside center, said “The center in Bayside, Queens is an opportunity for our community to have access to a truly transformative experience. Lives will be changed for the better and we will make the community stronger one person at a time, giving them the ultimate physical freedom to live the life they want and deserve.”

A natural way to trigger your body’s adaptive responses through the central nervous system to improve bone density and physical strength, OsteoStrong uses patented spectrum equipment that is a sweat-free, painless and requires only 60-seconds of effort per week. Over 25,000 people have seen significant results, making OsteoStrong the best choice for strong bones, muscles, and balance in the world. Individuals can become their own success story as a member and be part of a world-wide wellness revolution. OsteoStrong expanded its revolutionary osteogenic loading system throughout the United States and internationally into Australia, New Zealand, Iceland, Sweden and more.

The Ultimate BioHack is at 209-35 Northern Blvd., Suite 209, in Bayside. Call today at 929-373-5890 to schedule your free appointment and tour.


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