The Quirkies NFT collection is made up of 5,000 quirky creatures and aims to celebrate their own, as well as everyone else’s one of a kind characteristics. When individuals come to the decision to invest in one of these precious comrades, holders are encouraged to select the art that best represents their most authentic selves, a concept that is not only helping to create an inclusive community and culture, but one that also empowers folks to bond with their digital sidekicks. A project inspired by the surf and skate culture, the Quirkies collection was originated in February 2022 by digital artist and illustrator FinchOne, as well as four other leading members, including Syntribos, Soulest, Space Invader, and Quacamole.

From a striking medley of features like drippy doughnut antennas and purple puffa jackets to golden quirky bones and spooky faces, NFT patrons can choose distinct personalities that will launch them into the metaverse with both confidence and charisma. And the best part is Quirkies grants holders art IP, enabling them to use the images they own as they wish and supporting their fans as they journey through the beautifully complex ecosystem. In addition, the group teased the community via their Twitter page with a forthcoming companion collection, “Quirklings”. The team tweeted, “Help is on the way,” with a date of June 2022. If you haven’t checked them out already, Quirkies is definitely a project that should be on your radar.

Women Rise

As a woman wandering through the NFT universe with unwavering curiosity, it was a breath of fresh air to stumble upon the Women Rise collection in a space that has been dominated by men. A project consisting of 10,000 unique NFT illustrations created by the internationally acclaimed Pakistani-American visual artist Maliha Abidi, the series represents multifaceted women from various communities around the globe.

While the project launched in November 2021, according to Rarible, Women Rise had a market capitalization of $10.5M and a total traded volume of $16.4M, with a floor price at 0.37ETH ($1,000). Its highest sale hit $90,400 and the collection recently sold out in January 2022. From scientists and activists to astronauts and artists, Women Rise gives holders inclusive art that is building a foundation for both female empowerment and diversity within the NFT space. On a mission to cultivate a harmonious circle of individuals while giving back to the community and welcoming more women into the NFT world, Women Rise is an influential project with so many more plans to reveal.

Alien Frens

A community-driven collection of 10,000 randomly generated ERC-721 tokens, this project not only gives holders access to lifelong alien frens, but also access to exclusive perks, including participation in prize-filled planet invasions, tickets to IRL events, a mishmash of clothing and merchandise drops, and of course, a humble community.

Dazed gummy worm eyes, ninja knight attire, and sewn shut mouths are just a few of the project’s super playful traits, but its highest alien sold for 40.69 ETH ($97,514.52) on January 17, an ultra-rare electrically-charged fren numbered 4103. Launching in December 2021, Alien Frens has defeated many thriving NFT projects, becoming one of the community’s most influential collections and is still climbing to the top with extremely cute, outer-worldly creatures and a zealous roadmap that has even earned the support of entrepreneur and internet personality Gary Vaynerchuk.

From releasing a 30-page comic book to offering its tight-knit community a massive giveaway where holders were randomly selected and airdropped keys to be flown out to Las Vegas and have the chance to compete in games with prizes like $10,000 in ETH and a Tesla Mode 3, Alien Frens offers stellar utility and continues to make an impact in the digital universe.

Trippy Toadz

Trippy Toadz is a limited collection of 6,969 algorithmically generated toadz minted from over a hundred varying traits including body types, faces, accessories and vibes. From kiwi-colored pot bellies and dilated eyes to black suit ties and red shroom caps, each toad is created with psychedelic aesthetics and offer holders full ownership and commercial usage rights. While some individuals in the NFT space might be sleeping on this conscious-expanding project, Trippy Toadz is gonna moon.

Created by Los Angeles-based duo, TrippyMayne and TrippyVibes, the project was developed in March 2022 with hopes of building a solid community and tripping with all kinds of folks in the metaverse. Granting collectors access to the Toadverse of unlockable NFTs, IRL events, concerts, and well, a lot of D.M.T., aka development, merchandise, Toadverse, Trippy Toadz is quickly expanding with some of the greatest masterminds in the space. In addition, the group has officially partnered with Good Trip Studios and the creators of the hit Netflix documentary “Have a Good Trip: Adventures in Psychedelics” to originate the Trippy Toadz universe.

Cereal Club

Everyone loves cereal and this is just one of several reasons why Cereal Club is a project that is rising to the top of the NFT universe. Drawing inspiration from the joy and childhood nostalgia that cereal brings to the world, Cereal Club was developed with the intention of appealing to the masses. A collection of 10,000 NFTs featuring loveable bowl-headed characters with their own flavors and rarities, like magic porridge and corn cosmos to Hawaiian shirts and blue aviators, this project oozes cuteness.

Since its initial launch, Cereal Club began minting in February of 2022, sold out its whitelist just 24 hours after selling out the public auction, and has gained more than 140,000 followers and folks who are in an uproar to munch, including Super Bowl champion Aaron Donald and Bella Thorne. You should check out Cereal Club’s Twitter page for their full journey.

Building a seedbed for genuine connection, not only amongst its holders, but for the web3 ecosystem at large, Cereal Club strives for collective empowerment in an effort to amplify the digital space and provide inclusive education to NFT beginners and seasoned holders alike. With the nearing launch of the brand’s physical line of cereals that will invite consumer into an AR-based treasure hunt alongside its consumer-oriented dashboard Cereal.com, Cereal Club is more than adorable art. Cereal Club is made up of a strong, engaging community, ingenuity, and most importantly, they are becoming leaders in the space at as a whole. You can join the Cereal Club’s discord community for quick updates and a sneak peek at new projects.

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