Totally Free Background Check No Credit Card Required 2022

Totally Free Background Check No Credit Card Required 2022

In our world today, technology is evolving to a greater end. Finding a free background check service with no credit card is not much of a problem as long as you have internet access. Although there is not a fully free service, there are many ways you can run a search, especially a criminal history-related search.

Most online background checks require payment to grant you access before performing a public record search. Still, this service is helpful for people or businesses such as banks, employers, landlords, human resources, and more. Also, trying to carry out a personal background check for some persons can be obtained for free without a credit card using some manual methods.

Background checks are not new since the rise of technology and are now easy to use. People run background searches consciously and unintentionally. The criminal departments have been using this method to check people’s criminal history for many years. Banks and lending companies also look into people’s credit history using this service. You may be surprised to see what reports will pop up when you run a background check on yourself.

Whichever way it may be, many people are searching for measures to mitigate or uncover any data breaches that could expose their identity or damage their credit score.

Now, one may ask: can I conduct an online background check for free? You can conduct a background check on a subject or watch them using various free internet background check options. But, let us highlight some real benefits of free online background checks without a credit card. Moreover, a background check cost varies from one platform to another.

Many people can use the benefits of a free background check. A business or employer of labor can conduct an investigation or research a potential employee without spending any money. This check does not reveal only all the information needed for employment. It can also reveal an individual’s morals, characters, credit history, or record and status.

Running a free background check online has become a helpful tool for businesses and individuals. It has helped many people peep at people’s records before meeting them for the first time. Meetings like hooking up, dating, hiring a babysitter, or a new roommate has become easier using these search services.

Best Background Check Websites and Services:

  1. Truthfinder: Overall Best Background Check Service, Editor’s Pick
  2. Intelius: Top Pick For Quick Results
  3. Instant Checkmate: Excellent For Reports On Social Media
  4. US Search: Most Affordable Background Check Service

#1. Truthfinder: Overall Best Background Check Service, Editor’s Pick

TruthFinder is the right place to be if you want to locate a friend or loved one or run a personal background check on someone you met online. Long-lost loved ones, friends, or even conducting a personal background check.

Truthfinder is an online background check company formed in 2014 in California. In the past years, Truthfinder has run tons of background searches. With Truthfinder, you can run an unlimited amount of checks on anyone. But, if you need to perform a deeper search, it requires a paid membership.

If you have looked up background searches via the internet, you are likely aware that this website is a great online tool. This website has received outstanding reviews from media such as Huffington Post and CNet. Customers have also given them about 60,000 good reviews and ratings.

When you use Truthfinder, you will filter your options by responding to a few questions, like the person’s age or if the individual you are looking for is living in a particular city. TruthFinder searches court records, dark web, arrest records, and public documents to help identify the person you are checking out. The wealth of information you will find will surprise you.


  • Releases vital records
  • An Android app is now available
  • The reports provide updated information
  • It can be used for self-monitoring
  • Unlimited reports are available with the monthly membership option
  • Clear information regarding the FCRA for you to use the reports legally


  • You must sign up for a monthly membership
  • One cannot purchase one single report
  • You will pay an additional fee to obtain the reports in PDF format
  • It solely contains data about US residents
  • Ads pop-up often

The Best Thing About Truthfinder

TruthFinder’s background check service is among its most popular offerings. It is the core service for which the company is well-known. As we stated, TruthFinder scans private and public records, allowing you to get more exact information than others.


While TruthFinder does background search, there are other features available. The following categories are available on the site:

  • Background checks
  • A free criminal record check
  • Dark web search
  • Family history
  • Telephone directory
  • Phone book
  • Public records

This company is great for vetting possible dates. In general, there are enough features to justify the monthly charge.

The security and safety of a site like TruthFinder, which has full access to sensitive information, is paramount. The good news is that TruthFinder performs admirably in this area. They encode all the data they send. It ensures the security of data as a customer.

Further, TruthFinder often checks its website for any criminal activities, such as hackers, due to the volume of information they access. It ensures customer information protection and prevents fraudsters from altering data. That is to say, TruthFinder takes precautions to protect your details and the information it offers.

User Friendliness

TruthFinder provides great customer service, though they can extend their service hours. You can talk with a professional during working days between 7 AM and 7 PM. While this is not ideal, it still means you will get 12 hours of help per working day, which is better than other similar businesses.

Although late-night or weekend support is unavailable, TruthFinder includes a frequently asked question section with a wealth of useful information. There is a strong possibility you will find answers to questions you seek and will not need to call customer service.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Truthfinder

#2. Intelius: Top Pick For Quick Results

Intelius is also a background check service company that allows users to conduct background screening on anyone. You can receive thorough reports that include address history, phone numbers, personal data, and criminal records.

It compiles information from various private and public sources. It gathers data from federal, local, and state government agencies and private businesses. Intelius was established in 2003. The company claims to have done billions of search records, using data from both private and public sources.

Intelius has a user-friendly interface apart from its large database. Despite some fairly perplexing billing policies, we believe it is among the best websites that offer background check services.

Intelius provides seven background check services. Their services range from phonebook lookups to full-fledged background searches. To gain access to any of these, you must first subscribe to their membership, regardless of which one you choose to use.

While each package has a comparable monthly membership fee, the pricing for the first free trial varies greatly. It implies that you might save money by signing up for a free trial, running one check, and terminating your membership.

Intelius is not a consumer reporting agency and so does not offer reports on consumers. Like every background check agency, you can only use Intelius for personal research. You should not use this site to check for data that requires FCRA compliance. Thus, you cannot use Intelius to check potential employees, tenants, etc.


  • The site has an appealing design
  • Provides the industry’s most accurate and updated background reports
  • It has an Android mobile app and iOS that has many exact features as the site
  • Less expensive subscriptions than that of several competitors


  • Pricing information is difficult to locate
  • Misleading trial offer
  • Many services marketed as unique appear to serve a similar purpose
  • The accuracy of the data has received mixed reviews

The Best Thing About Intelius

Intelius is one of the few background check companies that provide education records. As per public data, details include criminal records, college, institutions, or high schools an individual has attended.

Intelius has a customer care phone line available between 7 AM and 5 PM Monday through Friday. They also have a support email where customers may express their queries and complaints.

Intelius Premier membership is within a reasonable monthly budget. Plus, it offers unlimited access to many broad searches.


Intelius separates itself from other companies that offer similar services by offering extra features and bespoke database searches. It means you will not have a basic check that does not provide you with the data you need.

The Intelius homepage has a tab that allows users to conduct three separate searches: by address, reverse phone lookup, or name. Intelius provides a complete people search analysis to assist you in finding missing relatives. You can also use it to properly understand the social circle of who you are looking for.

When you use Intelius to do a criminal record search or search for criminal information, the platform will notify you of state or federal violations committed by that person. If you wish, you can include these records in your report.

The site’s record searching service is a key feature of Intelius. It is a collection of data from various private and public sources. Using various sources ensures the accuracy of the final report you receive.

User Friendliness

The Intelius site is simple and convenient, although it requires some time to gather your report completely. The company values its customers’ privacy; thus, the person you are doing a potential check with will not receive a notification.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Intelius

#3. Instant Checkmate:  Excellent For Reports On Social Media

Instant Checkmate is an online background check provider. Millions of American citizens have been using their service since 2010. They give complete public access to United States citizens’ records. It is among the biggest national criminal background checking tools.

Instant Checkmate is among the most trusted websites that let people from various places get info about anyone. It also gives users many options for searching for a person’s data (even if they do not know their name).

It includes a web search interface that allows you to type in your search term and click on search. Instant Checkmate takes a little while to search the internet for all the details available about a person.

You can see a variety of an individual’s personal information, including the history of the location (past and present address), previous work experience, criminal record, and records of traffic violations. You can also view important records (divorce, birth, divorce, death, and marriage certificates), alternative contact information, and relations. Their database connects to thousands of public records around the world.

Instant Checkmate analyzes these databases for similar information anytime you look up an individual using linked data. Because the databases include many records, searching across them requires a short time to display results. Once it displays the relevant information, the system will further display all matching profiles.

You can use the extra filters on the website to navigate to the profile of the individual you are looking for. You must purchase a one-month subscription to access someone’s comprehensive background report.


  • Free trial period
  • Easy usage
  • Convenient
  • Accuracy
  • Deep search results
  • You get unlimited reports with a monthly subscription
  • There are numerous search options available
  • The app is available for Android devices


  • Paid subscription
  • Auto-renewals
  • Lacks up-to-date information
  • Search results take time to finalize
  • There is no option for single reports
  • Only one support option
  • The iOS app is not available

The Best Thing About Instant Checkmate

With the Instant Checkmate mobile app, you can check out someone even if it is your first meeting.

The mobile app has exclusive features just like the website, thus, allowing you to stay connected no matter your location. Their mobile app has received hundreds of five-star reviews on Google Play. It further demonstrates its dependability and performance.

The Instant Checkmate pricing is higher but more cost-effective because it gives limitless results for single pricing. Unlike some websites, Instant Checkmate solely offers double package options to cover an individual, their relatives, and other friends’ background search, rather than invoicing for every search separately. Instant Checkmate is your best option if you need to find more than one person.


The Instant Checkmate site has a sex offender lookup feature. This feature is ideal if you plan to relocate to another place.

All you need to do is enter the location and name you are running the background check on, and the results will show you a full list of convicted sex offenders living in that area. The report contains the sex offenders’ names, images, and map locations.

User Friendliness

Instant Checkmate’s overall evaluation feedback is convenient, and we agree. Each query only requires a name and address, thus, making the app and website easy to surf. The site has a simple design. The search results are visible in minutes.

The website features a simple interface and only takes a few moments to display your search results with complete background check information.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Instant Checkmate

#4. US Search: Most Affordable Background Check Service

US Search was founded in 1994; it is undoubtedly among the renowned background check websites. Having been in the business for some time, Instant Checkmate is a great tool for finding people online. It is pretty helpful, especially for one-time searches.

Although it does not offer dark web search services, it provides seven distinct search choices.

Due to the prevalence of fraudulent social profiles and how easy one can create, it is critical to be extremely careful about the individuals you meet on the internet.

Conducting a discreet and dependable background check on neighbors, workers, tenants, or potential business associates, will provide you with the sense of safety you want when interacting with them. Hence, US Search will be well worth the one-time price.

This site is well-known for providing organized reports, accurate information, and reasonable prices. Even though it has no BBB rating, people are still lauding the site for its comprehensiveness and great search versatility.

US Search employs refined background check processes to produce the finest results possible. They have a refund policy to cover you if it does not work. It is worth noting that the FCRA did not accredit US Search.

US Search employs 43 technology tools and components across several websites. It allows them to get multiple current records and deliver various data to clients. It is also a trademark registration in advertising, as per IPqwery.


  • Affordability
  • Extensive records
  • The report format is well-organized
  • Affordable monthly subscription
  • Rapid results and comprehensive reporting
  • Simple pricing structure
  • Multiple search sources


  • There is no FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) accreditation
  • The webpage requires updating
  • Few divorce and marriage records
  • Search is time-consuming
  • Occasional lack of contemporary information
  • Frequent records duplications

The Best Thing About US Search

The US Search website is a good website that provides affordable pricing. It has a broad range of functions, mostly current and accurate information. Moreover, it has a one-off report option (which requires no membership), a refund policy, and convenience. It is very useful for one-time searches and offers reliable people check services.

In addition, another reason the US Search customer experience is top-notch is that it does not have a funnel. It means you do not have to pay extra to get the data you want.

Many online agencies allow you to conduct a check before asking for your credit card information. This feature reduces the most general problems associated with using websites that provide the service in the United States. On the other hand, US Search guarantees ease of use.


While the company does not have dark web search capabilities, its straightforward tools can be useful for locating subtle social media accounts. You can also use it to identify numbers, on-sale properties, and conduct a criminal check on registered sex offenders.

US Search is ideal for you if you do not know the person so well. The service helps perform a full check using only the person’s email address. This feature is not prevalent in most services out there.

User Friendliness

We were blown away by the simplicity of the US Search while trying to give it a positive rating. We would describe it as obsolete. Besides, it covers up for its lack of attractiveness in terms of user experience.

In any case, US Search is a simple search engine. It has a simple sign-up procedure and clear search features. Although there is no mobile app version, the website is mobile-friendly.

However, if you have any issues with the service, you can contact their helpful customer service number. Another convenient feature of US Search is that you can read all results page results in one tab. Hence, there is no need to use another search tool.

=> Click here to visit the official website of US Search

How To Do A Free Background Check

An online background check provider comes in handy when searching for info we will mention later in our “Best of” section. The sad news is that there is no definite website that provides all the data you need with a mere name lookup. Such convenience requires payment, maybe a monthly payment.

Let us look at every crucial detail about running a background check and where you can pay for or run free background check services.

Manual Methods

You can visit various websites like Facebook and the likes to use a genuinely free check service. You can use the following methods to run a check, although it requires patience and time. But if that is not the kind of service you may like, there are some paid services you can use.

Below are various tools for free DIY background checks at no extra cost:

  • Search Engines

A search engine is an excellent spot to begin your search. Type the person’s name into Internet Explorer, Bing, or Google to see a result. A quick search can lead you to images, social media profiles, and content the person publishes – among other things.

You can enhance your result if you quote the person. The quotation marks instruct the browser to display only exact matches. You can add other keywords to the name to help display a more specific result. If the person’s name is Jane Doe, you can, for instance, look up “Jane Doe, Cortland, Brooklyn.”

  • Social Media

The social media era has made it easier for almost everyone to have social media profiles that may provide you with the info you seek. People use social media to express themselves and interact, and many users share much information there. Once you locate a person’s profile, you can lay your hands on a wealth of data about them for free.

You may also search for names on Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin. If you are running a free background check on an employee, LinkedIn will provide you with a job history. You can use it to analyze and compare the résumé given to you.

Instagram and Twitter show people’s private side through photographs and short messages. You can use other social media outlets to get more information for free: Tiktok, Snapchat, Pinterest, Reddit, etc.

  • Credit Reports or Scores

It is illegal to obtain a copy of someone else’s credit report. The credit bureaus are the right offices to contact and get a report if you want to examine yourself for fraud.

The government made it mandatory that yearly checks are offered freely yearly. But, interested people will have to pay for the required costs if they want to receive an extra report within the year. Identity verification is also available from other bureaus.

  • Government Websites

You can find a handful of information about a person through government services and websites for free. They provide a lot of public information about an individual. These government websites include NICS.

ZabaSearch search engine displays a compilation of an individual’s relations. It also shows schools attended, workplace, and address history.

Arrest.US is another free search engine that focuses more on criminal history and arrest records. It sweeps through the internet solely for court records and police reports.

These search engines display data such as property ownership and birth records.

  • Public Records

When searching for info about someone residing in a specific state, the government’s official websites are clearly the finest. For example, you should go to the NCSC for more accurate free public records if you seek court records.

However, remember that knowing the individual’s previous and current addresses is crucial because every state has court records. PACER, and NETR Online, are some other websites that may be useful for a free background check.

  • Prison Records

Want to run a free criminal background check? As we have stated, a brief search of the court office of the county clerk can yield a wealth of information. You can get a free criminal background check from the local sheriff’s office and the correctional facility department.

On top of court papers and records, you may be able to get info by searching via state or municipal prison databases. If you want to look for someone’s felony record, use the “corrections prisoner” tag on Bing.

You can achieve this only if you know the prison’s official website. Then, enter that person’s details to see whether they were once a convict or have any criminal history. The public has access to very little information from the corrections system, and they can only show data for that given state.

Also, if the person has formerly lived in many states, you must conduct separate searches in those states. Using this strategy may take time, but it will be useful if you already know the details about the person.

Are These Free Background Checks Effective and Legit?

Many websites will promise to be able to provide you with free background checks; however, the concept of “free” is debatable. While the websites featured here provide you with a wealth of useful background material for no cost, there may be some catches.

Any data you get through a free checking is perhaps basic info you could get from a free internet search. On the other hand, getting private records may take some time and planning. As a result, using free checking services may be the quickest approach to learning more about a person or company.

Are Background Checks Legal?

It is legal to do a background check, and employers must be aware of the personality traits of their potential employees. Further, whatever information is gathered—whether it be a court case record, a degree, or criminal records—is, in theory, still a public record.

Before making recruitment decisions, many employers use paid background check services to get this information.

People often use free background checking services to look up criminal records or contact details on people. Free background checking is legal when you have the proper expectations about what you could receive.

How Did We Come Up With The Best Background Checks Service List?

While making our list of the best background checks services, there were some criteria we looked at. We studied the best check websites and filtered them down to the top four due to various qualities and factors. We considered the company’s reputation, pricing, convenience, and the time it will take to get results.

After vetting the internet for the above criterion, we assessed the list by looking further. We took off by looking at the companies that offer a complete list of search options attached to standard packages, tracking software, and HR collaborations. Finally, we were left with the top four companies on our “Best of” list.

What We Searched For

What is the most important service a background check company can provide? It is difficult to limit yourself to only one. Despite the importance of the report, there are some other factors that businesses should evaluate. The greater your hiring procedure is, the more expertise you have.

Below are what we looked for in our research:

  • Response Time: You will want to ensure the check is thorough and done on time. Background checks usually take three to five days to complete. There are nearly 3,000 jurisdictions or districts in the US, each having its court record archive. Based on the tools provided, the time it takes to get the results differ from district to district. While some districts have internet sources, others save court records in microfilm or ledger books. In clerk-assisted counties, results may take longer. Any good service provider should alert you of unforeseen delays.
  • Compliance: Private companies run these checks to avoid making dangerous hiring. Compliance is a top priority for a respectable organization to adhere to state laws. Private companies conducting these checks should know local, state, and federal governments’ employment screening rules, such as the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act). They should provide you with current authorization paperwork, disclosure, and pre-negative and negative action letters.
  • Customer Support: Some businesses regard customer support as among the most important features of a company. It is critical to have customer service employees that are well-trained and equipped to respond to questions. At the end of a phone conversation or an online chat, customer support does not stop. It all comes down to the entire experience you have with the company.
  • Shares Vital Information: Background check providers should continue to follow up on regulatory requirements for checks. A company that checks for background should provide vital news, court closings, and pertinent industry information. That is why these platforms have monthly publications, emails, and blog posts.
  • Overall Worth: What are the most critical aspects of your company’s recruiting process? Although compliance, pricing, customer service, and quality records are all significant aspects of background checks, your relationship with your service provider is very important. Ensure the background check company you use provides you with a value other than a report.
  • Standard Data: Database search always turns out to be a handy tool when it is combined with other background checks information. Remember that database checks are not complete background check results on their own. Companies that offer quality services provide other sources to aid in thorough searches. States can impose regulations on reporting offenses to a database despite federal requirements.

A few jurisdictions limit the information provided to databases, while others refuse to supply any information. Some state governments rely on direct searches for revenue. Thus they will not put information in the database. The better option for an in-depth criminal check combines a database search and a county criminal check.

We have put together the above list based on thoroughly examining these criteria.

FAQs About Free Background Checks

  1. Why is a background check necessary?

Employers use the search results to learn about a potential candidate’s previous offenses, character, suitability for the position, etc. It also aids in the identification of possible employment hazards for security and safety purposes, and it also helps in other aspects.

It helps enhance the hiring quality. Moreover, it can help you weed out resumes that include false, inflated, or misleading information. It might help you limit your choices to qualified individuals for the position. With an extra employee, your firm may flourish and meet or surpass its goals.

It can lead to a reduced staff turnover. Bad hiring results in a greater turnover rate, and it may cause your business to waste extra resources than needed. This search filters out problematic hiring and brings in qualified prospects who are likely to remain with your organization.

  1. How much time will it take to run a background check?

Background checks may take up to some hours or possibly five working days. It depends on the company’s required information and the number of searches conducted.

A county criminal check can take about three to five working days, mainly in places with no online database or if a court staff is needed.

  1. Are there various background searches?

Background searches are performed in various cases, including firearm purchases, tenant screening, loan and credit card applications, and jobs.

Below are other popular search types:

  • Criminal records checks
  • Driving records
  • Checking your credit history
  • Death records
  • Motor vehicle
  • Divorce records
  • Background search on Individuals
  • Civil records
  1. Is there something an employer should look for when conducting a background search?

The short answer is yes; there are important things to look at when running a search. Employers use this service as a pre-employment background check to get helpful information about a person’s background. They use it to make informed decisions about a possible new hire.

It can help examine a person’s criminal background, arrest records, education, and work history. It can even check their driving record, credit history, and pre-employment medical tests. All of these can assist employers in determining whether a prospect is trustworthy, honest, or maybe a problem to others.

Testing the employee may also aid in protecting a company’s assets and risk mitigation. It can help avoid potential negligent employment litigation.

  1. Can I conduct a self-background check on myself?

Running a self-background check on yourself is easy and simple. Using a company like Truthfinder or any of the companies in our “Best of’ list will reveal to you what data people will see should they perform a check on you.

Conducting a personal check is an ideal approach to preparing for a position. Moreover, it provides you with a crucial opportunity to check the accuracy of your records. Still, it is vital to know what a background check might cost you.

Conclusion: What Is The Most Suitable Background Check Service For You?

Background check websites have become an essential tool in our daily activities. Now you are well-informed and know what a background check entails or the kind of information it will reveal.

This article contains the best and the leading paid searches with incredible features. Also, we have reviewed all the advantages and disadvantages of these websites so that you can make an informed decision.

Whenever you are about to hire somebody, you can rely on the detailed report these websites provide to conduct a free background check on the individual.

Thus, choose a trusted platform whether you want to run free or paid background checks. Make sure you use the right tools for more optimized reports and accurate public records. We hope this article helps you get the best service from any companies on our list.

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