Unusual things guys do that attract women


Physical attraction is complex and not as straightforward as it might seem. Till now there’s no complete knowledge as to what people find attractive. Dating experts from igetnaughty.com found out the most unusual things that women find attractive in men. This list comprises simple things that make a guy more appealing to ladies.


While each woman is different, there are certain things that women look for in men. Aside from the general qualities such as financial stability, good physique, and confidence, there are some odd things that ladies want in their partners. Read our list of unusual things guys do that attract women!

  1. Doesn’t initiate physical intimacy

Physical intimacy is an important part of a relationship. Up to 60% of men are more likely to initiate sexual intercourse than women. However, women prefer guys who are not in a rush to initiate physical intimacy. One reason is that it shows a guy is patient and not in it only for the sex. Women want to feel safe and so usually take longer to initiate physical intimacy.

  1. Using sarcasm

Using sarcasm is an unusual trait that draws women to men. Why is sarcasm seen as attractive? Well, it all boils down to intelligence. Men who use sarcasm seem to be more knowledgeable on a vast number of topics. That means there’s a broad range of things to converse about.


When a guy can crack jokes about himself shows some level of self-confidence. It also shows a woman that a man is not afraid of being vulnerable. Women are drawn to men who are a little vulnerable.

  1. Being emotional

Some women prefer emotional guys. Emotional men are more likely to empathize with what others go through. Also, emotional men tend to care more about what others are going through.

Being emotional also shows that a man is going to be more supportive of the relationship. Women also appreciate guys who are not afraid to be vulnerable. That usually means the guy can open up to a woman. A study in the UK has shown that some men are twice as emotional.

  1. Talking with a deep, sleepy voice

Studies have shown that women find men who have a deep voice more attractive. Researchers believe this is related to body size. A man with a deep voice most likely has a big build. Some women feel that a man with a high-pitched voice is not going to have a big body.

It is the exact inverse for men; women with high pitched voices are perceived to be smaller. Aside from a deep voice, women find a sleepy voice attractive. Men with sleepy voices are regarded as being less aggressive.

  1. Act a little awkward

Acting weird says a lot about a guy. First of all, it shows that the guy is not afraid to be himself. That makes a guy seem honest. Aside from honestly, being weird shows that a guy is comfortable with who he is. The importance of self-confidence when it comes to relationships cannot be stressed enough.


Secondly, being weird makes a guy more approachable. It also means that a man has a sense of humor, another attractive quality that women are looking for.

  1. Using complicated words

Men who use complicated words and have a broad vocabulary might be more attractive. By using complicated words, it shows that the man is more intelligent. Guys who use more words than the general public are perceived as more educated.

Women love being with guys who are smart and have achieved a high level of education. A high level of education means higher chances a guy is financially independent.

  1. Unusual facial features (feminine lips, weird scars, grey hair)

Grey hair, a scar, or unusual and odd features can weirdly make a guy more attractive. Each of these attracts women for different reasons. For example, grey hair may mean a guy is older. Women are interested in older men for several reasons. Older men are

  • Perceived to be more financially stable
  • Have experience in relationships
  • More likely to want a serious relationship


Guys who have a young build but have grey hair are always more attractive. Having unusual facial features makes a guy stand out. A scar can mean a guy is adventurous. Being odd and unique is appealing in itself.

Final Thoughts

Physical attraction is a strange thing. While many things make a guy attractive such as his looks and how he dresses, there are some odd things that women like about men. Having strange grey hair makes guys seem more responsible. A deep but sleepy voice shows that a guy is less aggressive.

Being weird little shows a guy has a sense of humor. Women also find guys who are not keen on initiating physical intimacy as attractive. Doing one of these things makes you more attractive to the opposite sex.




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