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Photo credit: Landmark on Main Street.


Darlingside. Photo credit: Landmark on Main Street.

Boston-based folk-pop band Darlingside will be playing at the Jeanne Rimsky Theater in Port Washington on Thursday, Sept. 26 at 7:30pm.

The group’s harmonies have frequently drawn comparisons to the 1960s groups Crosby, Stills and Nash, Simon and Garfunkel and the Byrds. However, their penchant for science fiction and speculative futurism counteracts any urge to pigeonhole their aesthetic as “retro.” The quartet constructs each piece of their music collaboratively, pooling musical and lyrical ideas so that each song bears the imprint of four different writing voices. NPR Music dubbed the result “exquisitely-arranged, literary-minded, baroque folk-pop”, and called their latest album “perfectly crafted.”

Darlingside performs all of their music around a single vocal microphone. Their performance at the 2016 Cambridge Folk Festival, according to the Daily Telegraph, “earned an ecstatic reception and turned them into instant stars.”

The band has followed up their critically acclaimed 2015 album “Birds Say” with their latest one, “Extralife.” Birds Say sounded as though it was steeped in nostalgia and youth’s conviction. Extralife grapples with dystopian realities and uncertain futures. Their erstwhile innocence is now bloodshot for the better.

Premium tickets are on sale for $49, with select tickets costing $45 and standard ones being $35.


Flor de Toloache. Photo credit: Landmark on Main Street.

Latin Grammy-winning, New York Based all-female ensemble Flor de Toloache will be performing at the Jeanne Rimsky Theater on Friday, Sept. 27 at 8:00pm. The group has gained progressive and traditional mariachi music fans through their distinct artistic vision and sophisticated, enlightened interpretation of traditional mariachi instruments.

The group is led by co-band directors Mireya I. Ramos on violin and Shae Fiol on vihuela. Together, they have graced international stages from Chenai, India to Paris, France and have extensively toured the U.S. as a supporting act for Dan Auerbach of “The Black Keys”‘ new project “The Arcs”, as well as Cafe Tacvba, La Santa Cecilia, and Natalia Lafourcade.

Premium tickets are on sale for $29. Select tickets are available for $27 and standard tickets are $25.


Lucy Kapansky and Richard Shindell. Photo credit: Landmark on Main Street.

Musicians Lucy Kaplansky and Richard Shindell will be performing at the Jeanne Rimsky Theater on Thursday, Oct. 3, at 7:30pm.

The New Yorker referred to Kaplansky as “a truly gifted performer with a bag full of enchanting songs.” Her latest album, “Everday Street,” was released in 2018. It featured instrumental support from Duke Levine, who has performed with the J. Geils Band and Mary Chapin Carpenter, among others. Shawn Colvin and Shindell also provided harmonies on the album.

According to Kaplansky, her goal in making the album was to make the songs feel reflective of her shows. She described this feeling as being “stripped down, spontaneous and accoustic.” Kaplansky said the songs were recorded in four days, with many of them being completed in one take. “As a result, the sound and feel of the album is more acoustic, even bluegrassy at times, with all the intimacy of a live show,” Kaplansky said. “The songs on Everyday Street, co-written with my husband Richard Litvin, weave stories of joy, friendship, family, loss and discovery.”

Richard Shindell, originally from New York, is a writer whose songs aim to paint pictures, tell stories, juxtapose ideas and images, inhabit characters, vividly evoke entire worlds along the way and expand the listeners’ sense of just what it is a song may be. From his debut record in 1992, “Sparrow’s Point,” to his latest release, “Careless,” in September 2016, Shindell has explored the possibilities offered by this most elastic and variable of cultural confections: the song. Although known primarily as a songwriter, Shindell is also a producer, singer, guitarist and interpreter.

Premium tickets are available for $48, with select tickets being $40 and standard tickets adding up to $32.

Photo credit: Landmark on Main Street.

Landmark Radio Theater’s latest production is an original adaptation of the classic 1942 film “The Man Who Came to Dinner.” It will be performed on stage at the Jeanne Rimsky Theater in Port Washington before a live audience on Sunday, Oct. 6 at 4:00pm and will be recorded for online streaming and future broadcast.

The production is expected to include period-style station breaks and songs between acts, plus live sound effects.

The Man Who Came to Dinner is a satirical comedy about an acid-tongued cultural critic on a lecture tour who goes to dine with a prominent local family in small-town Ohio, only to slip on the front steps and break his hip. Forced to stay indefinitely to recuperate, he takes over the household and meddles in everyone’s lives, while scheming to keep his own from being upended when his trusted secretary falls for a local newspaper reporter.

All tickets are available for $10.


Information courtesy of the Landmark on Main Street.



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