Where Can I Find a Nerdy Girlfriend? 


Finding a compatible partner need not be a challenge, at least not an overwhelming one. Several spots like shopping malls, restaurants, and movie theaters play host to teens from all walks of life, with varying interests. If you are having problems finding your dreams’ nerdy girlfriend, you should pay attention to some tips.

Here are some pointers on how to find a nerdy girlfriend

Local Game Shops 

Seeing as you are probably a nerd yourself, you will understand why it makes a list’s top. Local conventions are also hotspots for these kinds of ladies. If you were a nerdy girl, where would you go and why? It is easier to locate a nerdy lass in a place hosting educational stuff or trivia that is mentally challenging. A game shop may also attract the sort of people she would be attracted to. For instance, a jock may be nice to look at on the pitch, but she will feel more at home discussing game hacks and tips. Also, you can visit online game shops. Yes, why not introduce yourself online and join other nerdy chicks playing online games, and maybe contribute to gaming forums. Incidentally, nerdy ladies do not always date dudes with similar interests. As long as you have a genuine interest in dating such a girl, she probably will find you attractive simply because you like what she likes.


These video game stores attract geeks and bring in teens who have less time for bars and other cool stuff. The nerdiest teens spend a lot of time at arcades. These spots are safe and also present a nice hang out spot for those on a budget. For nerds, arcade games are escapism. They enjoy these locales because they sometimes escape high school realities revolving around dating and proms. If you notice a nerdy girl in school, but you cannot locate her outside campus, visit your local arcade store and surprise yourself. Buy the girl a few tokens with your savings, and she may spark up a conversation with you.

Conventions and other similar spots

It’s not that difficult to find a nerdy girl. Locating them is a breeze – finding out how to tune them may prove a lot more complicated. Because nerds are stimulated by all things tech and progression, conventions are a prime spot to meet nerdy lasses. Spots like these, as well as online forums for the tech-oriented, will earn you a date with a nerdy chick almost instantly. Discuss where the IT world is headed and partake in some intellectual discourse on the same. If you can present a challenging point at one of these conventions, you may leave with a handful of geeky girls’ phone numbers.

Dating Sites 

There are many different ways to meet a nerdy girl; one of them is using nerdy dating sites.  You could pay a visit to date sites to quench your thirst for a geeky lady. It should probably be in your interest to find one solely because you need someone with similar interests, and not fulfill some sexual fantasy. However, the choice is yours, and several dating sites provide an easy to navigate platform for you to find this lady of your dreams. It may be easier to meet one online, presumably because you have a chance at selecting physical attributes. You may choose your perfect nerdy girlfriend based on height, skin tone, eye color, and the rest. These characteristics will be overwhelming to find on ladies you meet physically, but you could dismiss one or find the right one almost instantly online.

With all that said, finding a partner for a relationship requires some understanding of where and why they would be found at a certain spot. Spots like shops or online forums may be the go-to place for many, but it is of utmost importance to remember they know why you are there. To sum it all up, a geek girl probably runs into plenty of jocks and other out-of-place dudes while at the arcades. You may still want to leverage yourself and up your game BEFORE you enter these venues.


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