Where is the world going today? Part II


You can look back, read and understand that most of the major Empires, from the Romans, Ottomans, Greeks, Mongol, Qin, Han, British and French had either failed or some have been drastically reduced from their reach and power, due to being power hungry, greedy and having self-indulgent attitudes.

All these societies have contributed immensely in so many ways to all our lives today. However, if we observe what is going on in the world today, power shifts continually occur, as is normal throughout history, but will the benefits out way the detriments?

Throughout history, people have died and have been sacrificed, some will say to the benefit for the majority and some might say not so.

The Middle East is a key point of how history has always been, where religion has dictated what is right and wrong, but is that the way it should be?

But would there have been a better way? Events, so far, seem to say no; and unfortunately, divide and conquer for the human race had and has been the only way that seemed to accomplish things.

Some would again say, yes, and that there were societies that flourished for an extremely long period of time, as the Romans did, for 2,214 years, until they were defeated.

But as that society advanced, it was still divide and conquer.

Today there are several major powers and a few more who seem to be moving up and coming into play, having or developing nuclear power.

Our country might be the wealthiest and most powerful in the history of mankind, but also could be the shortest lived in history in the direction it is heading; or could be one of the contributors in combination with the efforts of all other major powers and countries who care to save and share, the resources and our environment to make our world a better place to live.

But the common denominator will be the education of people and their “caring” for what is important and good for all. Can we change the human condition and mindset, maybe or maybe not or will it be business as usual?

Those that have the money and power will be the defining factor whether we move forward, divide or go backward.

We have the wherewithal to do the right thing, but will we? History has already shown us what has happened. Can we really make a drastic change so we all can live in peace and flourish? I call it “paying it forward.”

Simple things like, saying hello, good morning, good afternoon or good evening to people you pass, looking at them, straight eye to eye with a nice wide smile, wouldn’t that be nice? We are all so caught up and laser-focused on our devices, money, personal gratification, instead of thinking about other people.

Technology is a two-edged sword, can’t live without it and can’t really totally live with it! Other simple things, like picking up garbage by my building, that people just throw down on the sidewalks of my own town, where I have asked them, “do you do this on your own property, in your living room, etc. and they provide me a quizzical and quite awkward and strange look, as if I am either crazy, off the wall or not in this world or come back with a nasty remark, like mind your own business! Is throwing garbage on the sidewalks, not everyone’s business?

I would think so!

Even my own village doesn’t really do an exemplary job at cleaning up the sidewalks or streets.

All they would have to do is take leaf blowers, and blow everything into the streets, including by the curbs, where the street sweepers can’t go and before the sweeper comes by, each day and then the village would be much cleaner and neater!

Now, if every town had it setup this way, how much cleaner would all the towns be?

Very cleaner! But does anyone care? Not really and not enough.

What about the 1,000s of potholes that are out there, will they be repaired soon?

All those tires and rims that have been completely ruined, insurance claims, increase rates, all because of unrepaired potholes! In the past, I sometimes had seen three to five people standing around by a pothole to be repaired, while watching one person do the work, waste of time, efforts and money, don’t you think?

We have so many multiplication of services, that we could fairly and easily combine, like, instead of nine mayors, and trustees, how about one elected for the south area and one for the north area, with maybe three accommodating and necessary trustees like the schools we have, North and South?

I know for some or maybe many, I am not sure, that this might be a difficult and challenging concept to grasp, but wouldn’t it reduce our current village taxes a sufficent amount of at least enough to make a difference?

Come back next week for Part III


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