Board of Trustees of the Village of Thomaston, Public Hearing

Legal Notice

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that the Board of Trustees of the Village of Thomaston will hold a public hearing on January 13, 2020, at Village Hall, 100 East Shore Road, Great Neck, NY at 7:30 P.M., to consider the adoption of the proposed budget for the Village for the fiscal year commencing March 1, 2020 and ending February 28, 2021.

At the said time and place, all interested persons may be heard with respect to the foregoing matter.

Any person having a disability which would inhibit attendance at or participation in the hearing should notify the Village Clerk at least three business days prior to the hearing, so that reasonable efforts may be made to facilitate such attendance or participation.

All relevant documents may be inspected at the office of the Village Clerk, 100 East Shore Road, Great Neck, NY during regular business hours.

By order of the Board of


Steven Weinberg, Mayor

Denise M. Knowland,

Village Administrator

December 9, 2019

GNN #152334

1x 12/20​/2019 #152334

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