HVAC Plus Inc. opens commercial office in Great Neck

HVAC Plus Inc. opened its commercial office in Great Neck, a market the company hopes to compete in. (Photo by Janelle Clausen)

Great Neck residents Fred and Michael Nikfar, a father-son duo running HVAC Plus, have just opened a commercial office on 439 Middle Neck Road that is a little closer to home.

And they say they’re ready to take on the competition.

“I think we were just at a time where we decided to go to the next level and I think this location and Great Neck is a good place to start,” Michael Nikfar said. “We’ve got fantastic exposure here.”

HVAC Plus is a company offering repair work for ventilation systems, service contracts for maintenance, installation of heating and air conditioning systems and after-hour emergency services.

The company also offers duct cleaning, boiler replacements and work on water heaters, according to its website, as well as price matching.

“Small job to big job, we take them all,” Fred Nikfar, 60, the company’s president, who previously worked in construction, said in an interview.

HVAC Plus is licensed to operate in New York City and Nassau County and has contracts spanning from the South Shore to Great Neck, the Nikfars said.

Part of their advantage, they said, comes from being licensed to carry countless brands, building relationships with companies that make HVAC units and their ability to get better prices.

“We are ready to sell anything and install anything,” Michael Nikfar said.

One of the jobs Fred and Michael Nikfar said they are most proud of involved a six-story apartment building in New York City. A couple owning the building, featuring 19 rooms, wanted each room to have individually controlled thermostats and one big unit to power the entire heating and ventilation system.

While one big company wanted nearly $400,000 for the job, they said, they got it done for $250,000 – and did it well.

“They almost instantly signed,” Michael Nikfar said. “We gave them a much better price with much more practical equipment.”

Nikfar said they had been eyeing 439 Middle Neck Road for many years, in a bid to  compete locally with other HVAC companies like Systematic Control.

“We’ve been looking at this place for awhile, and it was pretty much empty for seven years – maybe more,” Michael Nikfar said. “It looked like a fantastic location.”

Now, for the moment, Nikfar said they aim to build their relationships with contractors in the area, advertise themselves and keep busy in both the winter and summer months.


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