Call for nominations for Christa Fulton Memorial Teacher award

An award committee is seeking nominations from Great Neck Public Schools alumni for the annual Christa Fulton Memorial Teacher Award.

This award was established for the sole purpose of recognizing GNPS educators who have had a profound impact on the lives of students.

The Christa Fulton Memorial Teacher Award was created in honor of Christa Fulton, a retired public school teacher who made a difference in the lives of her students.

It is awarded annually to two GNPS educators: one teacher of students who attended John L. Miller-Great Neck North High School, and one teacher of students who attended William A. Shine-Great Neck South High School.

Nominations from Great Neck Village School graduates are also welcome, and those nominees will be identified as “north” or “south” based on the middle school attended by the graduate.

“We ask that graduates think back to their time in the Great Neck Public Schools, consider which teacher made the greatest difference in their lives, and then write a letter to nominate him or her for the Christa Fulton Memorial Teacher Award,” explains Assistant Superintendent for Secondary Education Stephen Lando.

Nominees may include an elementary teacher, a secondary school teacher, a guidance counselor, or a social worker.

Nominations, submitted in the form of an essay or a letter detailing how the selected teacher has had an impact on the alumnus’ life, must be submitted to [email protected] by January 31, 2020.

Authors should identify themselves only by their student number, which may be obtained from the guidance office at the high school they attended (or for Village graduates, the middle school attended). Please also include the name of the high school attended and the year of graduation.

The five-member award committee will carefully consider all nominations and select recipients based on the perceived impact that the teachers had on their students’ lives.

For additional information about this award, including the nomination and selection process, contact Stephen Lando at [email protected].

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