11 Best Free Canadian Dating Sites To Give A Try In 2023

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Popular dating website Bumble surveyed thousands of daters across the world. According to CTV News, 70% of the respondents feel optimistic about their romantic futures. 


Could you be next? Thousands of Canadians are finding love every day with the help of the best free dating sites in Canada. We have absolutely free dating sites in Canada for your enjoyment. These free dating sites in Canada help you find that special somebody. 


You don’t need to be young or rich to find someone special. These free online dating sites in Canada cater to folks of all ages, sexualities, genders, and incomes. 


Let’s get started and help you find someone to date for fun or long-term, shall we?

Canadian Dating Sites

Overall Best Free Dating Sites In Canada, Editor’s Choice


Canada Dating Sites Free

Free Dating Sites Canada


Best Dating Sites In Canada

Popular Dating Sites Canada


Free Dating Sites For Senior People

Most Famous Canadian Dating Sites


Free Canadian Dating Sites

Best Free Dating Sites In Canada


Dating Site For Senior Daters

Top Dating Sites Canada


Free International Dating Sites Without Payment

Best Dating Apps In Canada


Dating Site To Meet Foreign Women

Most Recommended Canadian Dating Sites


Dating Sites Without Payment

Best For Dating Sites In Ontario


Dating Site For Senior Daters

Free Hookup Dating Sites In Canada


Dating Site For Senior Daters

Best Canada Dating Site


Our Top Picks Canadian Dating Sites In 2023

Overall Best Free Dating Sites In Canada, Editor’s Choice

Match.com is a dating site that spans borders and languages. You can use it in over 50 countries, like Canada, and in fifteen languages (French included). 


Millions of single folks have found themselves here since its launch in 1995, and it’s highly popular in North America.


Some free features on Match are dating profile registration, match suggestions, custom search filters, and curated methods of communication. 


You can send free messages to Top Picks, making this a great free online dating site in Canada.

Free Dating Sites Canada

Our next free dating site in Canada is EliteSingles, where you can find quality matches. This free online dating site in Canada sends you notifications about individuals with compatibility closely related to yours.

EliteSingles is all about mature, educated daters. Most have a college degree, 90% are above 30, and 100% want someone serious. It’s a perfect free dating site in Canada for meaningful partnerships.

Popular Dating Sites Canada

Millionaire Match is for people in high tax brackets. They have been in the industry for over 20 years and have helped find thousands of high-earning singles and the people who can keep up with them. They were the original site for wealthy singles and had over 5 million members in their ranks.

Most Famous Canadian Dating Sites

Ashley Madison started in Canada as a hookup site. It became so popular that it expanded worldwide. There are 65 million active site users, many of whom are based in Canada. Whether in Vancouver, Toronto, Saskatchewan, or somewhere in between, a hookup is waiting for you.


Whether you want something casual or want a private fling, Ashley Madison is there to provide you with the best free hookup site in Canada.

Best Free Dating Sites In Canada

People looking to date for serious relationships should start with eHarmony. Their matching system does all the work for you powered by AI. 

Once a match is sent, you can reply using a message, an icebreaker, or a fun icebreaker quiz. Their personality test is high.

Top Dating Sites Canada

You may, at times, feel the odds are against you if you’re a single senior. Young people are the only ones on dating sites, but that changes in Our Time. The site is made for seniors and is simple to navigate.


Check it out on the App Store or Google Play. It is the best free dating site in Canada for single senior citizens.

Best Dating Apps In Canada

BeNaughty is for those of you who want a way to express your hookup desires. It is the best free hookup dating site in Canada. You can meet others who want some casual fun.


Search by sexual orientation, age, body type, height, and hair color. You can use such filters to find the perfect match. 


Creating a profile is free, and you may send messages and more until you find the best match for you. Let your imagination run wild here at Canada’s best online dating site.

Most Recommended Canadian Dating Sites

The best free dating site in Canada might be Canadian Friends Date. It is a totally free dating site in Canada and has been since 2014. This free dating site in Canada is made for people first to become friends and see where it goes.


No credit card info is needed to make a profile and send messages. Feel free to connect with your mobile device, laptop, desktop, or tablet. It’s a member of the Friends Date Network, which is a plus.

Best For Dating Sites In Ontario

This best dating site in Canada is straightforward. Start by selecting the gender you want. Then, enter your name, your date of birth, and email. You’re virtually ready to begin at that point – start browsing the singles nearby to make connections that will likely last.


Millions of singles await, so get started on Canada’s absolutely free dating site.

Free Hookup Dating Sites In Canada

Canadian Chat is a great, totally free dating site in Canada. Why? They keep personal data safe so you can focus on finding love.

Each profile is verified with the help of the Canadian Chat staff. The site is SSL-encrypted, using barriers that guard users against fake profiles.


All process aspects, from browsing, matches, email addresses, and support, are free. It’s a totally free dating site in Canada.

Best Canada Dating Site

Zoosk is an excellent site if you’re busy but still want to use Canada’s best free dating site. This free dating app does all the heavy lifting while you’re at work, with friends, or at the supermarket. 


Just provide your age, name, gender, sexuality, and dating preferences (hobbies, religion, appearance, etc).


Then, let Zoosk do the matching for you, and soon you’ll see a list of potential partners. It is a prime social networking and dating site with the chance to chat and flirt. Best of all, it’s a free online dating site in Canada.

Does It Require A Facebook Profile to Join A Free Dating Sites In Canada?

No. A Facebook profile is unnecessary if you wish to join a dating service or use their app. It’s merely an optional feature for singles wanting to avoid various steps in the online dating registration process. It helps them automatically upload pictures from their already-established social media profile. 

If you would prefer NOT to link your Facebook profile to your online dating, use a phone number, social media profile, or email address to establish identity and get your dating profile started. Our list above all features sites that don’t require using Facebook.


About Facebook Dating


Facebook Dating, the dating service established by Facebook, is the exception to the rule. All users must download the Facebook app and connect it to their profile.


But, the Facebook Dating profile is kept a secret from one’s newsfeed. One’s Facebook friends won’t know about dating online in your life. 

Facebook Dating may not be ideal for people who want serious relationships. It sounds good on paper- finding love through what you’re interested in, but you’ve got to be extremely careful while doing this. Why? Read on to learn more.


Scams Abound on Facebook


Facebook romance scams are a thing, so we recommend using one of our verified sites above. Facebook and Facebook Dating are accessible places for scammers to hide out and target other users to steal their hard-earned cash. 


Nobody talks about Facebook romance scams enough, so we’re here to mention this. With help from the information at Romancescams.org, we’re going to walk you through this to help you stay safe from those who are wolves in sheep’s clothing. 


What’s A Facebook Romance Scam? 


Although Facebook isn’t designed for dating, people still go there to find love and friendship. For romance scams, a human on the net uses stolen or faked pictures to impersonate somebody else. It’s colloquially called “catfishing.”


They target lonely singles – usually older, widowed folks – and begin an online relationship built upon lies and manipulation, all in the name of money. 


On Facebook, such scammers are challenging to detect and most difficult to handle, as the site is sprawling and the profiles are unique and highly variable. Romance scams are a huge issue in the United States. $230 million gets scammed yearly, so don’t be part of that enormous amount.


How Do Such Scams Happen? 


Facebook is not a pay-to-play dating website. So, everybody uses it for free since all they need is Internet access to make it happen.


Many people enjoy the site’s networking aspects since it’s easier to figure out than subscription-dating platforms, which charge your card money and are sometimes unaffordable. Romance scammers have a simpler time finding marks because people don’t expect them to be scammers. 


Examples of lies that scammers tell are numerous. There are dozens of ways a romance scammer will lie and get into your money and one’s heart. There is no set of rules that tell you how to handle one of these scammers, but we do know of patterns that usually occur that scream, “Scam Alert!”


Here’s what to check for when interacting with somebody you just met. 


Group Creeper


Facebook is known for having groups you can participate in with friends and others who share your interest. But be wary of scammers who take advantage of these groups and use them as meeting spots for lonely widows/widowers. Don’t let somebody take advantage of your interest to steal your heart and ask you for money. 




People on Facebook who ask you to get off the chats and use another method of communication are suspect. Facebook keeps a record of all its chats, so scammers often try to lure you away to WhatsApp/Email/texting. They usually give an excuse that a legitimate person will not do. 


Bare-Bones Profiles


People with very little or no active family/friends are likely, not genuine. Not everybody’s on Facebook, but it’s easy to know a real user from a fake by looking at the posts they’re tagged in. Everybody’s in at least a few un-photogenic shots.


Lost People


A scammer may reach out and act like they are a native to your country- Canadian in this case -but they’re stuck now in a foreign land and need your help. They need money to come home because they’re “so excited to meet you.” 


Fee Scams


Marriage licenses, customs fees, or wire-transfer fees- scammers are trying to get you to shell out, no matter how ridiculous it sounds. Do not send scammers any money.


They’re In Distress


They’ll explain some crazy situation to you- e.g., they were kidnapped or need help in the form of money being sent, and only you can save them. 


Military Romance


Pictures of women/men in the US or Canadian Armed Forces are stolen and used to make people fall in love. They will use this to explain why they’re not in your country and make you fall in love. They will ask for money for equipment so they can communicate. 


These schemes are just a tiny portion of what to look for when dealing with romance scammers. The fake profiles are made with very little care and effort and are usually easy to spot if you have an idea of what to look for as you browse.


Scammers with experience in the field will have lots of information on their profile to trick even the most experienced users, so remember: NEVER send money to anyone you’ve never met, and block/report them immediately. 


How Scammers Steal Your Money?


When you think about it, it seems ridiculous that anyone could fall for these romance scams. But they’re incredibly common, and only a tiny fraction of scams get reported. It’s easy to laugh at some stories and think, “That would never happen to me,” but it’s prevalent.


Here are the ways scammers steal the money of hard working Canadians: 


Vanilla Visa Gift Cards Or Visa Gift Cards: It is a common tactic they use and very easy to fall victim to. Many think it’s just a $100 gift card and a secure way to pay a “fee” or help out their love interest. But then, the scammer keeps asking for more or vanishes. 


Money Order: Scammers will ask for large amounts in money orders, usually under the guise that somebody is unwell. 


Plane Tickets Or Travel Expenses: The scammer will mention needing urgent travel, so they can “finally meet you” or tend to a family member. They will tell crazy stories and get you to send money. Do not fall for it. 

Many scammers will start their tactics nicely and efficiently. They’ll ask first for a small amount and see if you’ll take the bait. Then, they’ll begin asking for more and more money.


They may ask for payment via Western Union, which is unusual today, with Paypal, Zelle, Venmo, and other cash-transfer services being much more popular and easy to use. 


Just remember that scammers say and do anything to make you trust them. And when you feel cared about, in love, and wanted, it’s easy to feel generous and give all your money away. Many scam victims just want to feel cared about, and these scammers are playing off that need. 


Keeping Yourself Safe


You might be wondering if you’re dating a scammer. The most effective way to tell is if they ask you for money even though you’ve never met, but there are other ways to speak if you’re dealing with one of them.


So, here are some tips to use to keep yourself out of the clutches of these greedy scammers and enjoy your time using online dating. 


Keep Personal Data Private


Many folks need to be more wary of the Facebook privacy settings, and because Facebook enjoys updating the format and options often, you can find yourself needing clarification. 


Within the privacy settings, review your account settings. Set your account as “Friends Only” so that private posts and pictures won’t be seen by people you’ve added.


Plus, you may not let search engines link to your profile unless you need a business (e.g., you run a business or provide a service in your community).


Ensure your phone, email, and private contact methods are hidden. Many folks lack privacy settings, so these scammers find them in moments.


Don’t Accept Friend Requests Unless There Are Mutual Friends


On Facebook, you can see that somebody is a mutual friend by checking out your approved friend list and seeing that you have that friend in common. 

Facebook is a great way to meet new people online, but it’s better to connect with one of your other friends to verify that they are serious, genuine human beings.


You can change your privacy settings to “friends of friends only” in Privacy Settings. That way, it helps keep the people reaching out to you limited to people you’re connecting with in real life.


Watch Your Words in Groups


Facebook Community Groups are a big part of why we love using the website. You can find local information about your city, a hobby, and more. You can find groups related to your astrological sign and other fun things to enjoy.


Best of all, you get to connect with others and speak your mind. It’s a great place to make friends but also a place where scammers run wild.


While you’re in a group setting, especially a big one, be wary of your comments and posts. Keep personal data private, and speak with others over comments instead of DMs until you trust them. 


Groups alone aren’t dangerous but can be unsafe if you take the conversation off-platform or into the direct messaging system.


Reverse Image Searching


Because fake profiles on Facebook and other dating sites never use genuine photos of themselves, the best way to learn if who you’re talking to is unreal is to conduct a little research.


Use their pics and the search engines, plus a reverse image searching tool, to reveal where the photo originated and where it got posted. Usually, there will be up to two results.


Sometimes, people upload the same picture to Facebook, Instagram, or a photography website. But fake/scam profiles will recycle photographs, and you’ll see many accounts using the same man or woman.


Don’t Send Money


The golden rule of keeping yourself free from the clutches of a scammer? Never send them a dime of your hard-earned money. You can help them by telling them to contact Social Services in their area or, if they’re overseas, the Canadian Embassy.


A scammer usually jumps from chatting in a friendly manner to a romantic way quickly, which means they pressure others to wire money ASAP.


These scammers are master manipulators, and they prey on your emotions. It’s easy to agree- you love them too, right? Don’t believe the hype. Block them and move on.

Where Should I Go If I’m Dating for Marriage?

For that, eHarmony is the best place to go. Why is that?


EHarmony is the most in-depth dating site we’ve ever seen for choosing a partner. Their personality test is famous for being rather long for dating hopefuls to complete, but there is a reason for that.


There are 80 compatibility test questions about likes and dislikes, your preferred communication style, what you look for in a character to create a quality personality profile, and the people who would be your ideal person to marry.


Your quiz results create an eHarmony compatibility score ranging from 60 to 140 based on your habits, life goals, and interests. The score varies with each person you match, depending on mutual compatibility.


Per eHarmony, a 100 score is a good start for each match, and you are encouraged to reach out to match that score of 100 or greater.


Success rate: Since the site began in 2000, eHarmony says that over 2 million folks have fallen in love with the sites across 125 countries. 


They are the first online dating organization to use a matching system that got made to link you to compatible singles. There is an 80-question quiz that matches you based on your compatibility. 


You may wonder what the compatibility test is like at eHarmony. It is like an inkblot test – you’ll check out some images and choose the one that appeals most to you, for example. You’ll also talk about your preferred communication styles and personality type. 


If you choose a paid membership, you’ll get a personality test report and relationship tips included. 


Everybody who joins the website starts with a basic membership. It gets you unlimited matches and the chance to receive and send Icebreakers and Smiles. You may reply to one message, browse the site anonymously, and check out who viewed your profile. You’ll get your matches after finishing the compatibility test.


If you choose an upgraded membership, you will get full-feature access- unlimited messages and matching, an enhanced search, and the chance to see all matches’ pictures.


Basic membership at eHarmony is free of charge. Once you’ve completed the Compatibility Quiz, you can check out basic profile info like name, occupation, blurred photograph, and age. You can also see what that individual enjoys doing. There are some communication tools you can use as well, such as smiles, Icebreakers, and Greetings.


It’s also okay to anonymously browse and check out who’s recently visited your profile. It’s also possible to view info about members with no extra charges. 


There are different paid memberships available, too: 


  • Premium Light: a six-month plan which costs $66 per month. 
  • Premium Plus: a 12-month plan that costs $46 each month, the most popular offering on the site. 
  • Premium Extra: It is a 24-month plan that costs $36 per month. 


All of eHarmony’s plans are the same, but the membership lengths vary. The longer your membership lasts, the less each month you pay.


All regular prices got posted here, but sometimes, eHarmony runs deals or specials that help you save more. 


You can enjoy a more detailed personality profile with the Premium Plus, Premium Extra, and Premium Light memberships. It offers you more insight into your characteristics and ideas about how to stand out from the crowd and attract more people to meet and potentially date.


The paid version of eHarmony is worth the price because it will help you find a serious relationship, and it is an excellent place to turn if the “swipe” online dating styles aren’t working for you. 


eHarmony also has a tab called “Success Stories.” These are great stories to check out and read because they feature couples who have gotten together and formed lasting relationships- like marriage- via Harmony.


One couple that got hitched in 2020 said they loved the matching preferences and felt that communication was easy thanks to eHarmony. Some other couples felt that eHarmony was the reason they got together in the first place and thanked the site because they might not have met otherwise. 


After all, the site got started with the help of a clinical psychologist. Neil Clark Warren, Ph.D., founded the website in 2003. It became a highly loved website for people looking for love to turn to and got started forming lasting relationships. 


The website gets designed for folks of all ages, but Gen Z is using the website en masse. Millennials are the second-biggest demographic. Don’t despair if you’re not part of these generations- everybody is welcome here. 


People generally turn to eHarmony when they’re ready to find a serious relationship and are there to put in the time it takes to form such a relationship. You can partake in the free memberships, but their paid plans last months at a time.


It’s a great place to turn when you’re tired of websites that offer an endless array of choices (and turn people into commodities and not human beings). 


Having a highly detailed dating profile is the norm here, and it’s good to get as serious as you wish- you are forming a lasting relationship here.


If you wish to date for marriage, remember you don’t have to stick with eHarmony. Any of the websites above on our list will help Canadian singles find somebody incredible. 


If you’d like some advice about dating for marriage, here’s what we have:


Take Time For Detail: Your profile is all about you, so consider it carefully and put time and effort in. Build a profile that shows off your personality and give thoughtful answers to prompts. 


Take A Break: Dating can make you feel overwhelmed and tired. If that sounds like you, know it is okay to take a break and relax. Take a week off and come back. You wouldn’t want to be rude to a great match out of frustration, so it’s okay to cool off. 


Go Out: Getting to know somebody is good, but don’t chat online forever. Make a plan to meet up soon if you feel safe and ready to meet the person.

These Dating Sites Are All “About” Helping Canadian Singles

Single folks in Canada have to think about if they would like to find somebody critical to them. It’s a frustrating and sometimes tiring experience. If modern dating has frustrated you, it’s time to discuss the topic of one of these excellent Canadian dating sites.


The best dating sites can leave you feeling hopeful for the future and excited to meet people in your area for love and romance.


Joining these dating sites will help you begin mingling with others in your area and build meaningful relationships that could lead to long-lasting and healthy relationships.


If you’d like to find somebody special, online dating is the way to go. You can do everything from the comfort of your home. You can be honest about your beliefs, hobbies, traits, and what your matches have to have.


Once you’ve entered this information, you can enjoy the fun part- reviewing all your matches. Feel free to scroll through and swipe left or right, whether you like the person or wish to move on to the next one.


Also, it’s sometimes easier to start a conversation online instead of walking up to somebody and asking them a question over the air.


Another way these best online dating sites in Canada are stellar is because they help you find your soulmate. The app goes through dozens of profiles to help you reach a match. Each day, you get more suggestions of folks you could match with.


Depending on the filter options, you might only garner suggestions for those living within your age limit, location, or other factors you chose.


You may reach out if you are interested. It’s okay to speak with many matches simultaneously to learn how compatible you are with that person.


It’s okay to have many dating apps going at once, too. The sites above are great at what they do, and having more than one profile started is okay. You can cast a wide net and see who’s interested in getting to know you.


These sites are incredible for letting people show off their personalities. You can get to know others before you agree to meet them or go on a date. Chatting is great because you can ask questions and talk with others via messages. You can understand more about the interests and personalities of your matched profiles.


It’s okay to pursue or pass on them if you wish. Over time, exchanging contact information and taking your conversation off-platform is okay if you feel ready to do so.


It lessens the chance of entering a relationship to learn that your date is the opposite of what you wished for. How many times have you gone on a date with someone you thought was ideal but were not what they seemed?


These free online dating sites in Canada are great because they offer flexibility and convenience for people using them. You can use a mobile device or desktop computer to access these websites. Most folks prefer mobile phones because you always have them on you and can review matches wherever you are.


Some other online dating benefits are choosing a free version of a website or subscribing to a premium membership and reviewing all the exciting features that offer an extra advantage in finding that special somebody. The benefits of online dating are numerous, including the honesty involved.


You can put upfront information about yourself that helps you find the correct matches. Maybe you want to get married, but you’re just looking for casual dating. Perhaps you love dogs, but you don’t. You can be honest with others about what you’re looking for.


You are the master of your fate with these absolutely free dating sites in Canada, so enjoy the search!


These websites are also highly affordable. They are free online dating sites in Canada, after all. You can pay more for subscription costs if you want that experience, but it isn’t required. Plus, you can get to know somebody online for free versus spending a ton on a date that might not work out. 


Online dating also lets you set the pace for the dating scene. You can agree to meet somebody when you feel ready, and there are no social obligations to worry about.


That said, it’s crucial to be a great online dater yourself. Don’t let the fact that you have a wide range of people laid out for you don’t let you lose sight of that- these are human beings and should not get treated like commodities. 


There are very few emotions used in swiping left or right on someone. It’s easy to put yourself first, as you should- but remember, don’t judge a book by its cover; if someone seems cool, reach out and say hello.


After all, online algorithms aren’t the end-all, be-all of online dating. It can be incorrect, and you might find that you match well with someone despite what a compatibility score tells you. Chatting with somebody isn’t harsh, so if someone looks interesting, try this website out.


We wish you the best of luck as you locate the perfect partner!

FAQs About Free Dating Sites Canada

eHarmony is the no. 1 site for helping Canadians find love. Every 14 minutes, somebody finds a match, according to eHarmony’s statistics. 


The membership pool is nearly equally balanced and features 51% males and 49% females aged 20 to 40. Unlike Tinder, which is known for promoting hookup culture, their website is designed to help you find genuine relationships.


When you sign up, you notice that this website interface is intuitive and easy to figure out. The site offers profiles that are a good match. Once you switch to the paid version, certain features are available, so consider a membership.

Canadian Friends Date is the best site available for Canadian folks who’d like to find somebody special at no cost to them. The Canadian Friends Date site is the best absolutely free dating site in Canada. They have been in business since 2014 and welcome all demographics to use their service.


It’s a free mobile dating site just for Canadians. Best of all, they cover the whole country. Whether they reside in Toronto, Winnipeg, Edmonton, or somewhere else in Canada, they welcome you with open arms.

OurTime.com is best if you are over 40 and looking for honest, meaningful relationships. Folks aged 50 and over are the primary audience for Ourtime.com, and they want real connections with others their age.


Nine million people visit the website monthly, so it’s a top-rated free online dating site in Canada. Women have more of an edge here since 52% of women and 48% of men are on the website. They walk older folks through the signup steppes that make the process easier.

Conclusion On Best Dating Apps In Canada

The best free dating apps in Canada are all right here. Whether you need a free hookup dating site in Canada or an absolutely free dating site in Canada, these totally free dating sites in Canada have what you need. The free online dating sites in Canada mentioned here have what you seek for companionship you want. 


So, take your time and message somebody today. Chances are, they would love to hear from you about your experiences and your interests. Just remember to go slow, take your time, and never send money to somebody you’ve never met before today.


Safety is always the top priority when using the best free dating site in Canada. Only meet when you are comfortable and ready to do so, and if anyone is making you uncomfortable, block/report them immediately. Stay safe and enjoy your time on these totally free dating sites in Canada.

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