5 Best Cannabis Storage Containers To Keep Your Weed Fresh

Did you know that your weed loses potency when exposed to direct sunlight, high temperatures, oxygen, and dry air? UV lights and oxygen degenerate THC in the weed and dry air, leading to evaporative loss, and making the succulent trichomes brittle and tasteless. That’s why you must remove the cannabis products from the plastic bags and keep them in an airtight, dark, specifically designed cannabis storage container.

Many brands make these containers for weed storage, each promising to keep weed fresh. Unfortunately, the wide variety complicates choosing the best weed container. We have compiled this article detailing the best containers where you can store cannabis. Let’s get to it.

Top Picks For The Best Cannabis Storage Containers

  1. CVault Storage Container: Best Container For Storing Weed, Editor’s Choice
  2. Cali Soft Case®: Best Weather-Resistant Storage Bin
  3. Evak Compact Glass Container: Best Vacuum Weed Storage Container
  4. RYOT Carbon Series Slym Case: Best Portable Stash Bag
  5. Oil Slick Micro Stack 4-Pack: Best Container To Store Weed Extracts

1. CVault Storage Container –  Best Airtight Container For Storing Weed

CVault is a Boveda 2-way humidity-controlled container ideal for maintaining the freshness of your cannabis products. This light-proof container is made of 18/10 stainless steel, eliminating odor and keeping the content fresh. This cannabis storage equipment is lightweight and comes with a top lid that you can write on using a non-permanent marker to label the contents.

CVault comes in 4 different sizes, with the 8L being arguably the best container for curing and storing cannabis. You can choose any size depending on the stock and strains you use. For instance, the small twist, 3.25″ x 1.75″, can hold ½ ounce, and the medium, 4″ x 2.67″, holds an ounce.


Humidpak Controlled: CVault has a humidity control pack that maintains 62% RH within the stash equipment. This company uses a patented formula of all-natural salts and purified water to create a terpenes shield, protecting the weed from degrading. The pack comes in sizes 1, 4, 8, 67, and 32, which you can replenish if you need more.

Airtight Food-Grade Silicone Seal: This stash vessel features a food-grade silicone seal that latches when you close it to create an airtight condition that prevents the oxidation of your weed. Note that the small-sized ones use 3-nub twisting closure.

Stainless Steel: CVault’s stainless steel material makes cleaning easy and is shatterproof, making it durable. In addition, the material is non-porous and non-staining. Furthermore, it doesn’t leach chemicals that can affect the quality of your weed. The content also remains fresh and odorless for a long time thanks to this material.

Build Quality: This container has good build quality with an underside and an inbuilt pouch slot. This feature separates the humidity pack from the weed, retaining its quality. You can avail the best quality weed online and know more about the quality by storing them.


    • Shatterproof
    • Various sizes
    • Lightproof
    • Food safe
    • Latch lock


    • Slip when stacked
    • Faulty twist lock in smaller sizes

2. Cali Soft Case® –  Best Weather-Resistant Storage Container 

This Cali Crusher pot bag uses revolutionary technology to keep your weed fresh. It’s also ideal for keeping other accessories. Cali Soft Case is lightweight, weighing 8.8 ounces, making it the best stash bag for traveling. Its outside straps enable you to attach it to your backpack.

Cali Soft Case comes with lockable functionality, making it child-safe. The zippers make it accessible. Its stylish design and padding make it comfortable to carry around. This stash box is spacious enough to hold small quantities of weed. Its opaque material prevents light from reaching your weed, preserving its flavor and aroma.


Weather-Resistant: This item comes in a weather-resistant fabric that ensures weeds’ freshness by locking out extra moisture and heat. The material also maintains an ideal temperature within the case preventing the buds from drying out. Although, you will need an oxygen absorber to prevent oxidation of your stash.

Velcro Dividers: It comes with removable velcro dividers, making four compartments in the case, which help you organize the contents. The compartments are customizable to fit your needs. This feature also comes in handy when storing different weed strains within the case without mixing them.

Activated Carbon Lining: Cali Soft Case has activated carbon or activated charcoal, a unique absorbent that filters smell from the case making it 100% smell-proof. This chemical is safe and doesn’t affect the aroma or flavor of the weed. You can regenerate the activation carbon once the case starts smelling by heating it at 400°F.

Combination Lock: This bag has an integrated combination lock that secures its content. This feature makes its child safe and prevents unauthorized access.


    • Portable
    • 100% smell proof
    • Soft case
    • Weather resistant
    • Customizable compartments


    • Faulty zipper
    • Non-durable

3. Evak Compact Glass Container – Best Vacuum Weed Storage Solutions

Evak compact glass container is an innovative aromatherapy storage solution you can use to store weed. This award-winning container comes in an intuitive design, making it easy to handle. It is also lightweight and dishwasher safe, thanks to its glass, stainless steel, and BPA-free plastic.

Available in three sizes, you can choose a capacity that will stock your weed well. In addition, it has four color options, allowing you to choose a darker one suitable for stashing weed. The nesting feature makes it stackable, saving space when used.


Heavy-Duty Borosilicate Glass: The stash vessel is made of heavy-duty borosilicate glass, which doesn’t leave your weed with odor. This glass can also withstand freezing temperatures without shattering, making it ideal for refrigerating weed if necessary. The glass also makes Evak durable.

Twin Valve System:  This container has a twin valve system through which air escapes when you push down the lid, creating a vacuum, ideal for keeping your stash fresh. The lid acts as a plunger eliminating the need for a pump, lever, or switch. This feature makes Evak the most user- and beginner-friendly cannabis storage container.

Valve Lid: As a preventive measure, Evak Compact glass container has a valve lid that prevents entry of oxygen and moisture, protecting the content.

Practical Functionality: Evak’s compact handle gives it unmatched practical functionality as it enables easy storage. Furthermore, you push it to create space for stacking similar containers of different sizes. However, it’d be best to handle it with care since pushing the lid harder causes pressure which can shatter the glass.


    • Intuitive design
    • Compact handle
    • Dishwasher safe
    • Odor and stain free
    • BPA-free plastic


    • Delicate
    • Too narrow

4. RYOT Carbon Series Slym Case – Best Portable Stash Bag

RYOT Carbon Series Slym Case is another portable stash bag suitable for use due to its remarkable features. It’s also called the ALL New Slym Case. Measuring 6″ x 3″ x 1.25″, this stash bag is large enough to hold your weed and accessories and small enough to pack in your purse or pocket. It comes with a safety lock system making it secure.

In addition, it uses X-strap technology that enables you to carry your stash safely. The bag is dark, preventing your weed from breaking down. Its weather-proof material and moisture seal zipper protect the content from weather elements.


Robust: This bag has a hard, durable shell that protects its content. It also has an extensive elastic liner to fasten the content in storage. Its design and build also make it ideal for frequent and long time use.

Canvas Casing: The canvas casing makes this bag aesthetically appealing and easy to clean. In addition, the material is sturdy.

Anti- Microbial Microfibers:  ALL NEW Slym Case uses anti-microbial microfibers to protect your weed. This feature keeps microbes that produce toxins stored, rendering them unsuitable for smoking. Anti-microbial technology makes this stash bag safe.

Smellsafe Carbon Series Technology: This stash bag has a lining of activated charcoal containing the smell. The carbon is recyclable, and you can activate it by heating the bag for around five minutes in a dryer.


    • Safe from microbes
    • Discrete
    • Smell proof
    • Recyclable carbon filter
    • Extensive protective liner


    • Prone to oxidation
    • Limited capacity

5. Oil Slick Micro Stack 4-Pack – Best Container To Store Weed Extracts

The Slick Micro, the smaller version of award-winning Slick Stacks, comes in four packs and is the best for storing stick extracts such as rosin. Its small and intuitive design makes it easy to handle and discretely as it can conveniently fit in your pocket. With it, you can store up to 0.053 ounces of sticky oils.

This storage container has a lid to seal it during storage. The containers are also multicolored, opaque, and ideal for storing cannabinoids like best CBD oil without losing terpenes. In addition, the coloring makes the containers visually appealing.


Reusable: These containers are dishwasher safe making them reusable. You will clean them after use, and being heat resistant; you can use hot rock salt water to get rid of the resin and then dry them for future use. This feature makes Oil Slick Micro Stack economical.

Freezer Safe: Oil Slick Micro Stack offers the best storage solution for freezing sticky cannabinoids because it can withstand freezing temperatures without shattering. The four pieces provide enough storage capacity to freeze your sticky concentrates for future use.

100% Platinum Cured Silicone: This storage item is made with medical grade silicone material, making them safe and reliable. Oil Slick uses this material to make a durable container. The material is non-sticky which limits contaminations. In addition, using this silicon container prevents weather elements that can affect the quality of your extracts.

Efficiency: When extracting your cannabinoids, you can split the containers into halves to get non-stick concentrate dishes.  


    • Easy to handle
    • Freezer safe
    • Reusable
    • Discrete


    • Not children safe
    • Health concerns

How We Made The List For Cannabis Storage? 

With the market being awash with weed storage, we had to develop a method of making this list without overlooking or favoring any brand. Below is how we made it.

What We Looked Before Buying Cannabis Storage? 

We carefully chose the cannabis storage solutions in this list after extensive research and testing the stash boxes. While at it, we considered the following factors:

    • Material: The material is essential because it affects the longevity of the weed and determines features such as waterproofing. In addition, the material will determine if you should store the weed in a dark place. We ensured that the storage vessels in this article are either glass or material that can preserve weed’s freshness for a long period.
    • Seal: The airtight seal was another essential feature, as it helps maintain ideal humidity within the storage containers. Therefore, the storage solutions in this article have seals to protect your stash.
    • Capacity: We also checked the amount of weed the stash boxes could hold. The containers in this guide can hold small quantities of weed you can smoke in a few weeks while still fresh.
    • Accessibility: To prevent spillage of your stash, we had to ensure that the stash boxes were accessible. The vessels in this article are designed for efficiency throughout the storage time.

Factors To Consider While Buying Cannabis Storage Solutions

    • Material

Consider the material when shopping for a stash box, especially if you intend to use it for long-term storage. Glass jars are most suitable compared to plastic because they don’t cause static charge, which affects the brittle trichomes. In addition, weed from a glass jar won’t have metallic tastes the buds might absorb in metal boxes.

Furthermore, opaque material helps prevent direct light, which breaks down the buds’ potency by 0.5% every hour of light exposure. It would be best also to ensure that the vessel is UV-protected if it is glass. Also, avoid containers like wooden cigar humidors, which are made of woods like cedar and can affect the quality of your weed.

    • Seal

Humidity and temperature are essential in the curing process and before storing cannabis, with low temperatures damaging the trichomes and high temperatures leading to decarboxylation. Therefore, it is best to choose stash vessels with an airtight seal that can maintain the right conditions, like 55% to 65% relative humidity, preventing mold growth. The seal also prevents the weed from drying out.

    • Capacity

Your weed stash box should be of the right capacity to avoid waste by lacking space to store your weed stock. By reading its description and considering your intake, you can determine if the container is big enough. The capacity should be enough for your stock at any given time to limit the vessel’s air. For instance, a medium or large jar will be ideal if you keep ¼ to ½ oz for weeks.

    • Additional Features

Additional features, such as child-resistant closure, are also important to consider because you should always be careful with children. In addition, other features like the labeling sticker come in handy when you want to label your buds before you store them. A lid that doubles as a rolling tray can save you when rolling a joint. Some of the famous joints that you can try is CBD pre rolls to make your experience better. Therefore, consider them when choosing the container.

    • Storage Condition

Consider the condition you will store the buds when choosing a stash box. The ideal conditions are cool and dark places with regulated humidity. So, if you store it on a shelf, you should choose special glass jars such as blue, violet, or amber-colored. An opaque alternative can also work. Living in a humid area requires a humidity pack in your jar to absorb extra moisture.

FAQs For Cannabis Storage

How Long Can Cannabis Be Stored In A Mason Jar?

You can store cannabis in a mason jar for one year to 18 months, provided you keep it in a cool and dark place with ideal humidity. These jars have a wide top opening and clasps that shut.

Does Cannabis Need To Be Refrigerated?

A study by Coffman and Gentner found that little decomposition of cannabinoids such as THC occurred at 149°F. These findings mean that cannabis needs to be refrigerated to keep it fresh.

What Is The Best Temperature For Storing Cannabis?

60°F to 68°F is the best temperature for storing weed, although 50°F would not harm it. However, temperature above that range will cause the terpenes to diminish as the buds dry out.

Does Freezing Cannabis Make It Last Long?

Yes, freezing the buds maintains their freshness for two years, provided you properly process and store them in a clean container. However, weed loses potency by almost 4% annually, even in frozen conditions.

Conclusion: What Is The Best Container To Store Cannabis?

The quality of your weed is only as good as how well you store it. Unfortunately, most people only keep it in a plastic bag and stash it. This article contains the best cannabis storage equipment to preserve THC in your weed, ensuring peak potency when you smoke it. Therefore, it’s best to use the information you have read here to choose the best equipment for storing cannabis buds.

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