Column: What it takes to be a supercharged, successful realtor in today’s market

I just got off the phone with a very intelligent 19 year old who has been focusing on the hospitality business as a career; I had shown up at her job, purely by accident, while I was showing my customers in and around the town they were purchasing a home within; since providing a tour enlightens and educates my clientele about what they are really purchasing, besides their home, but a “Life Style.”

Over the years, It is so crucial and important to build roots within your community. This will potentially enable you to gain valuable long-term relationships and connections that will hopefully last a lifetime.

This young lady was the perfect candidate to be involved in real estate and of course I provided her some of my thoughts about why; and that what she was learning in her classes about hospitality was a perfect fit and segue for her to earn and become a licensed real estate agent and she wholeheartedly agreed.

She had the genuine attitude and disposition to learn and excel into a “Supercharged” Top Producer; with my help in mentoring her on a regular basis.

The real estate business is a phenomenal path one can take, whether young, middle-aged or older; to earn a potential six-figure income, assuming you have the right trainer with the cutting edge materials and information to get you there!

To me this is an extremely simple venue, assuming you understand that you have to have a solid plan; for I say time and time again, “If you fail to plan, you plain to fail.”

One’s income can increase by multiples, if their knowledge and information is utilized in the process of S.A.C.E.D.S.c (if you want to know what that stands for call or email me).

It’s all about consulting, educating and guiding consumers through the process and staying with them from the beginning to the closing and then staying in touch for as long as you are in business; that’s the smart path to take, but do most do this, absolutely not!

I have earned listings from sellers, who hadn’t heard from their agents in years and some would never use them again. They felt that after the agent got their check, that was the end of the relationship; but in actuality, it should have been the beginning of long-term one.

Some of us spend an inordinate amount of time and effort grooming our relationships and connections to create advocates for our future endeavors.

The word can spread far and near as to the type of business person you really are, excellent at what you do or a poor performer.

But the bottom line is that the bad news travels quite fast and far if you don’t do the right thing for your customers.

There are times when we as realtors are fortunate to make a deal in record time, whereby less effort is exerted and less time devoted to complete the transaction; but then there are the other times, when the amount of effort that is necessary can be overwhelming and exhausting, to the point that one can slip and not keep the momentum going and the service is reduced and the client becomes disappointed and disheartened.

For most, this is the largest investment one will be making. I can’t begin to tell you how important it is to be professional, transparent, up front in our actions and always consistent and considerate of the fact that we are paid extremely well by our client sellers, investors, landlords and renters to be the experts that they can really depend on for solid advice.

A small percentage of us can say they are by their incomes, but less than 10 percent of agents ever earn six figures as per National Association of Realtors and less than 1 percent seven-figure figure incomes.

This business separates the Men from the boys and the Women from the girls. I never thought about sales or selling things to the public; but what I did always think about was how I could grow a profitable and solid business through building rapport and long term, lifetime relationships with my most important people, my clients, as I did in my landscape Design and Professional Application business for 25 years.

There is nothing more powerful than a “word of mouth” referral, recommendation or testimonial. It goes far and near and enables an astute business person unlimited potential in expanding his or her business.

I believe the consumer deserves nothing less than “outstanding service, before, during and after the sale.” However, to provide that type of service, one must step up to the plate and keep swinging by continuing to learn, absorb and apply and implement more and more information for their long term knowledge.

Technology, as I have mentioned in previous articles, has totally transformed the real estate industry as well having a huge negative impact on the retail sector. Just look at how many towns on Long Island have vacancies.

New thoughts and ideas need to be brainstormed to fill those stores that have been vacant up to 5 years! One idea I have had, is entertainment to bring those 25-40 year olds into our towns; music venues throughout the year, challenging games and activities that those groups could participate in.

A good Sports Bar or maybe two, could also transform and develop the much needed traffic; otherwise Jeff Bezos’s Amazon and the rest of the internet will continue to suck up and win our dollars as the brick and mortar retail businesses continue to have a rougher and more difficult time attracting new as well as old customers.

Lastly, Real Estate to me will always be a somewhat bullet proof one-on-one personal business; in that it’s all about relationships and the bottom line, tt’s really more about people than real estate.

Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care!
P.S. We will be moving just down the street to 3 Grace Ave. over the next few weeks, since we are now involved and connected to a cloud-based publicly traded Brokerage called EXP Realty.

More info to come. Stock started last year at $2 a share on the over the counter and is now $18 and was just approved to go on the Nasdaq!
Phil Raices is the owner/broker of Turn Key Real Estate at 7 Bond St. in Great Neck. He has earned the designations as a graduate of the Realtor Institute and is a certified international property specialist. He can be reached by email:[email protected] or by cell (516) 647-4289 to answer any of your questions or article suggestions or provide you a free comparative market analysis on your property

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