Glen Head school reading celebration begins

Pictured are some students in the Glen Head School 5th Grade Art Club who created the “On Your Mark, Get Set…Read!” banner under the direction of art teacher, Ms. Sarah Rennie.

The annual Glen Head School Reading Celebration began on Jan. 6. Principal Dr. Peter Rufa hosted the opening ceremony with the theme, “On Your Mark, Get Set…Read!”

Principal Dr. Peter Rufa reads to his students during the GH Reading Celebration opening ceremony Mia Hamm’s book titled, “Reader’s Never Quit.”
(Submitted by Shelly Newman)

During the next few weeks, Glen Head students will be reading lots of books related to the theme, parents will be visiting as reading partners, students will be pairing up to read together, Dr. Rufa will be visiting classrooms to be a guest reader, and acclaimed children’s fiction author, Dan Gutman, will be visiting on Jan. 14. The Reading Celebration will come to an end on Jan. 24th.

During the opening Reading Celebration Ceremony, Principal Rufa read Olympic Gold Medal Winner and famous women’s soccer player, Mia Hamm’s, book titled  “Reader’s Never Quit,” which is a story that helps young readers learn how to deal with losing at sports without getting angry or quitting, and how to be a good teammate. It encourages children to never give up and persevere. As in the past, students are always encouraged to read throughout the year, but for the celebration, reading logs will be noted and calculated for each student so that totals can be summarized at the end of the month.

Many thanks to the following students in the Glen Head Fifth Grade Art Club under the direction of art teacher, Ms. Sarah Rennie, for creating the banner titled, “On Your Mark, Get Set…Read”:  Manuela Armata, Eva Dominguez, Serafina DiMisa, Sofia Colletti, Casey Gates, Isabel Espinoza, Claire Colletti, Lance Bobelian, Milton Sierra-Velasquez, John Peck, Parker Snow, Michael Cetta, Brooke Goldstein, Ella Cleary, Sofia Hesseltine, and Lucas Leguizamon.

Submitted by Shelly Newman


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