Gold Coast Arts celebrates dance competition winners

Dance trophy recipient Kyra Capodanno. (Photo by Gold Coast Arts)

Gold Coast Arts, a not-for-profit multi-arts organization dedicated to promoting the arts through education, exhibition, performance, and outreach, hosted a live trophy ceremony for their winning competition dance team.

The Gold Coast School For The Arts was thrilled to recognize their 2020 trophy recipients for outstanding achievement in dance.

On June 20, dancers, faculty, and staff came together on a bright and sunny Saturday morning to celebrate the dance team by presenting trophies to five, seven, and ten-year recipients, as well as to the accomplished 2019 – 2020 Dance Competition Team.

This was the first time since the pandemic started that these talented students were able to see each other in person outside the Gold Coast Arts Center.

With social distancing in place, students cheered each other on as they accepted their well-deserved trophies presented to them by Ms. Megan, dance director with Gold Coast Arts.

“It was so great seeing all of my students again in person. I miss them terribly”, she said.

Ellen Schiff, school director, states that “this was one of the most rewarding days I have had since the pandemic began!”

Congratulations to the following students:

Trophy recipients by years of study at the Gold Coast Arts Center

5-Year: Juliet Sha, Mette Eskildsen, Kaitlin Qu, Sasha Millman, Madeleine Chin

7-Year: Maya Millman, Niu Niu Kong, Skylar Lu

10-Year: Dylan Brenner, Brielle Nassi

Dance Competition Team Trophies:

Abigail Israel, Arianna Siony, Aubrey Keely, Brielle Mairzadeh, Chloe Lalehzarzadeh, Eden Rosenberg, Francesca Tsang, Hailey Zheng, Jillian Khadavi, Juliet Sha, Kyra Capodanno, Madeleine Chin, Maya Millman, Maya Welt, Reyna Groh, Sophia Rosenberg, Sophia Kong, and Tinglan Chen.

Our ever-expanding dance team is looking forward to upcoming competitions in 2020 – 2021. In the meantime, many programs will be offered online as part of the Gold Coast Arts Summer 2020 Virtual Camp and Classes, such as our Dance Junior and Dance On camps, as well as Lyrical and Jazz dance classes specially curated for students of all levels.

For more information on these camps and more exciting offerings please visit

Submitted by the Gold Coast Arts Center

Dance trophy recipient Chloe Lalehzarzadeh.
(Photos by Gold Coast Arts)
Dance trophy recipient Brielle Nassi.
Dance trophy recipient Kyra Capodanno.
Dance trophy recipient Hailey Zheng.



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