Shofar Factory comes to Lake Success


Students at Lake Success Chabad’s JLE Hebrew School, had the Jewish High Holidays come alive as they participated in a Shofar Factory.

At the shofar factory, students gained new insights into the history and significance of the Shofar and its role on the holidays of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Throughout the presentation children helped cure, saw, drill, and finish a ram’s horn to create a genuine kosher Shofar.

During this “hands-on” workshop the students were also taught how to sound and practice the traditional sequence of notes blown on the holiday. The students had lots of interactive learning and fun as they participated in making a shofar and all the other holiday stations.

An important station to mention is the Chessed (being kind) station, where students decorated happy holiday cards and packed care packages for families in need. Students made sure the holiday was more than asking for a sweet new year for themselves, but to help make it a sweet year for someone else.

JLE Hebrew School is run by Rabbi Dovid and Chumy Ezagui of Lake Success Chabad. For more info please visit


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