Innovative program repurposes counterfeit jackets for charity

Spectrum Designs Foundation Co-Founder, Stella Spanakos and son, Nicholas with Assistant District Attorney, Community Affairs Director, Rene Fiechter, collecting 200 salvaged jackets to donate to The Floating Hospital. (Photo courtesy of the Office of the District Attorney)

In one of Nassau County’s largest counterfeiting busts, more than $1 million of fake designer goods were confiscated in 2016.

In an innovative move, rather than destroying the items, the Nassau County District Attorney worked with Spectrum Designs Foundation to embroider over logos on the 11,000 fleece jackets.

The repurposed jackets will be donated to over 100 groups, from soup kitchens to homeless shelters stretching from Montauk to Queens.

“In this case, not only were we able to seize counterfeit jackets, but we held a person accountable for trademark infringement and then gave those jackets to people who need them,” Nassau County District Attorney Madeline Singas said. “I am thankful for our partnership with Spectrum and their assistance in rehabilitating these jackets so they could be donated.”

Spectrum Designs Foundation, a Port Washington, NY -based non-profit, develops innovative businesses that offer individuals with Autism, vocational training, life skills and employment opportunities.

Co-Founder and CEO, Patrick Bardsley said, “We were proud to work on this program and to highlight the capabilities of our staff – 75% of whom are young men and women on the Autism spectrum.”

To learn more about Spectrum Designs Foundation, please visit:


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