Manhasset students honored for National Economics Challenge achievements

Superintendent Vincent Butera congratulates Manhasset AP Economics teacher and adviser Annie Law and members of her two award-winning teams who placed in the top 10 in the New York State Regionals for the National Economics Challenge. (Photo courtesy of Manhasset school district)

The Manhasset Board of Education recently honored two teams from Manhasset High School who placed in the top 10 in the New York State Regionals for the National Economics Challenge.

Team “Visible Hand” won first place while team “Ceteris Paribus” took sixth place in the state competition. Overall, Manhasset High School sent seven teams to the competition this year, with “Visible Hand” one of five teams that advanced to the state finals. For the competition, students took an online exam requiring them to demonstrate their knowledge of economics and apply it to develop real-world financial solutions. State finalists competed in rigorous testing to assess their knowledge in micro and macroeconomics, along with international economics and current events.

Both teams that placed in the top 10 are coached by Manhasset AP Economics teacher and team adviser Annie Law, who praised team members for volunteering their free time to come to school early to prepare for the challenge.

“The amount of dedication and zeal for learning demonstrated by all these students was inspiring,” said Law. “Not only do they push each other to reach their potential but most importantly they do so with joy and excitement.”

The National Economics Challenge, sponsored by the Council for Economic Education, is the nation’s most prestigious economics competition for high school students. The challenge teaches and supports critical success skills, which apply to any and every career option or course of study that a student may pursue.

Congratulations to Law and the following students:

Team Visible Hand

  • Stephen Lee
  • Zachary Leng
  • Alex Mazer
  • William Peng

Team Ceteris Paribus

  • Fred Chu
  • Emily Cruz
  • Ryan Thorpe
  • Ryan Watson


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