Manhasset students participate in Recycling Challenge

Manhasset students participate in Recycling Challenge
Manhasset sophomore Toby Leng was one of 91 teens who participated in the Recycling Challenge. (Photo courtesy of Manhasset Public Schools)

Students from Manhasset Secondary School partnered up with the Manhasset Public Library to participate in the Recycling Challenge. More than 90 teens participated, collecting a total of 28,363 containers.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the Manhasset Public Library was not able to hold in-person programming for high school students to gain community service hours. As a result, the Recycling Challenge was created. Students were tasked with collecting bottles or cans and then had to take photos with their bottle return receipts. The program ran from May 14 to Dec. 4 and a total of 1,362 community service hours were logged.


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