Manor Oaks students bring Harry Potter magic to gym

Photo courtesy of Merlyn Jacob

Manor oaks children got the opportunity to participate in Pick a Reading Partner (PARP) program in an effort to encourage the children to read. To keep the children engaged in storybook land, Mrs. Santos, the physical education teacher at Manor Oaks, continued the gym session with a Harry Potter-themed Quidditch unit.

Quidditch is a game played in the widely popular book and movie series Harry Potter. Students get to feel like they are in the story when they get “sorted into houses” and begin playing in a Quidditch tournament. The game has offensive players (chasers) trying to score by throwing balls into hoops and defensive players (beaters) trying to stop them with a ball called a “bludger.” There are also “seekers” who are people who go around the gym looking for golden snitches which are hidden around the gym (in the books and movies, these fly but I haven’t been able to figure out how to make that happen yet ). The “keepers” are the goalies protecting the goal so the chasers cannot get it in. This game is high energy and a lot of fun to play and watch. This event goes on for 2 weeks.

Submitted by Merlyn Jacob


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