Munsey Park hosts Health and Wellness Week

Munsey Park hosts Health and Wellness Week
Munsey Park Elementary School students concluded their gym class with a mindfulness activity to refocus their energy. (Photo courtesy of Manhasset school district)

Munsey Park Elementary School students in the Manhasset School District learned valuable tips for leading a healthy lifestyle during Health and Wellness Week, coordinated by the school’s physical education department.

Munsey Park Elementary School students learned how to live a healthy lifestyle during the school’s Health and Wellness Week. (Photo courtesy of Manhasset school district)

Throughout the week, students took part in a variety of fitness activities and attended presentations on developing healthy habits such as drinking plenty of water, eating nutritious foods and engaging in physical activity every day. They also participated in the school’s “Living a Healthy Life” poster contest, illustrating and writing about health and wellness topics that reiterated the week’s focus.

To prepare for the weeklong initiative, physical education teachers Keith Connors, Melissa Muller and Jacqueline Williams demonstrated 10 different exercises for students and identified which muscles were being targeted in each one.

As part of Health and Wellness Week, Munsey Park Elementary School fourth-graders performed reverse lunges during their gym classes. (Photo courtesy of Manhasset school district)

Students in grades three to six implemented these exercises during their gym classes, rotating among 10 stations. The circuit included lunges, kettle bell swings and a bench press, among other exercises.

Those in kindergarten through second grade enjoyed working out in group fitness challenges such as “crazy cones,” where they completed a specific exercise found at the bottom of the cone. Kindergartners got moving with “gaga ball,” where they had to avoid being touched by the ball or else go to fitness center and perform push-ups, sit-ups and jumping jacks.

Each of the classes concluded with a mindfulness activity. Led by Muller and Williams, the students learned how to channel their breathing and their thoughts before heading back to the classroom.

In light of the week, Connors reminded the students, “It’s important to keep our mind and body healthy, eat nutritious foods and exercise our muscles.”

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