N. Shore Synagogues join in Purim project for the needy

N. Shore Synagogues join in Purim project for the needy
Social Action Committee: Rita Marcus, Alicia Munves, Nancy Fadem. (Photo provided by Temple Judea)

On a recent Sunday, congregants of Temple Judea as well as 10 other synagogues and temples on the North Shore met at the Sid Jacobson JCC to participate in a special project called “Pack It Up For Hatzilu 2018”.

Together,  35 volunteers helped to sort and assemble packages filled with essential supplies for 100-plus families that receive ongoing support from Hatzilu Rescue Organization. In the coming weeks, Hatzilu will add these packages to regular food deliveries dispatched from its kosher food pantry.

The purpose of this project was to send bags of needed items to elderly and poor through an organization called the Tikkun Alliance of the North Shore.

Completed bags ready for distribution (Photos provided by Temple Judea)

Each synagogue or temple was assigned to bring 100 of a specific type of household supplies which would then be organized into bags so each recipient would receive an assortment.

In the past, these bags were filled with food items, but this year it was decided that the recipients would receive cleaning products which are also greatly needed.

Getting ready to distribute items to bags; (Photo provided by Temple Judea)

Congregants of the temples and synagogues along with their children all participated in filling over 100 bags filled with items such as detergent, paper goods and bath products.

Each bag also contained a hand-written note, mostly written and illustrated by the children, wishing the recipients a “Happy Purim”, “Happy Passover” and other good wishes.

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