Floral Park Board of Trustees reports April 20


Floral Park Library – Trustee Jennifer Stewart
The Floral Park Library continues to be on the forefront of keeping community members reading and engaged during this unprecedented time. Open for circulation and indoor programs continue to be all virtual with outdoor activities beginning Sunday, May 2nd with a ‘May the Fourth Be With You’ Star Wars event and Friday, May 14th with teen yoga. The Library is hoping to resume indoor activities in the near future.

Pool Department – Trustee Jennifer Stewart
We anticipate opening the pool on time this season on Sunday, June 13th with many programs returning like All Day Program for kids and Water Fitness for Senior Citizens. Pricing will be at the 2019 rate and members will still need to bring their own chairs and register for one of two sessions. It is anticipated that this will change with lessening of restrictions from the New York State Department of Health.

Building Department – Trustee Frank Chiara
As previously mentioned this is a busy time of the year for certain permit requests, such as fencing, a/c units and pools. It is recommended to submit permit requests as soon as possible to avoid delays with your projects. The department is turning these requests around as quickly as possible; their goal is a one-week turn around.

The reconstruction project on Floral Blvd is currently underway. At our construction meeting on Monday we were informed that curbing and concrete work will be performed, while seven catch basins will be installed. After that work this is completed, the repaving of the road will begin. With cooperation of the weather and barring any unforeseen construction issues the project anticipated completion is two months or sooner.

Residents on the Blvd have notified us of some damages on or to their property that may have been caused by the construction, specifically water sprinklers. We brought this to the construction company’s attention. The construction company is responsible for these damages. The Village advocated for a letter to be distributed by the construction company to the residents on the Blvd., providing information on the process for repairs and the time period for when the repairs will occur. They agreed to do so. Any residents that may have such issues please contact DPW and they will have it addressed.

Police Department – Trustee Frank Chiara
Please drive carefully around the Village especially in the areas of the Floral Blvd reconstruction area. There will be detours and possible road closures during this project. As a reminder, the school zone on Plainfield Ave. has been extended. During school hours the speed limit is 20 mph from Vandewater to Tulip Ave. The signage has been posted and enforcement will be commencing.

On Saturday 4/24/2021, from 10 am to 2pm, the Floral Park Police department will be participating in the Drug Enforcement Agency’s (DEA) drug take back day. It will take place in front of Police Headquarters. The Floral Park CREW committee will be assisting our Officers at headquarters with the retrieval of any drugs our residents would like to dispose of. This is great opportunity to rid your household of any expired, unused or unwanted drugs that are no longer needed. All of these drugs will be picked up by the DEA and disposed of properly.

Today, there was an active shooter incident in West Hempstead where a number of people were shot and sadly one individual was killed. Out of abundance of caution our schools went into lockdown and our Police Department was on alert. Once the person of interest was taken into custody the lockdown was lifted. I would like to offer my prayers and condolences to the family of the person who was killed and to the individuals that were injured, a speedy recovery. As always, THANK YOU to our Police Department for keeping us safe. Your obvious presence during this incident was ensuring and comforting to our residents. Please stay safe out there!

CREW Committee – Trustee Frank Chiara
Our CREW Committee (Coalition of Resources for Education & Wellness) is sponsoring their first event, an evening of reflection, and a message of hope. This will happen on Tuesday, April 27th at 7:30 pm at Our Lady of Victory Parish. OLV will be hosting this event in the lower Chapel, at 2 Floral Parkway. The guest speaker is Lieutenant John Breen – FDNY. Lt. Breen will share his experiences from September 11th and his road to recovery from addiction. Especially during this pandemic, a message of hope is something that we can all appreciate. All are welcome to attend.

Recreation Department – Trustee Lynn Pombonyo
Our spring sports teams are returning to the park for another exciting season. Floral Park Little League began their season with a fun-filled auto caravan parade through the Village, followed by impressive pitching, hitting and running competitions amongst our very talented players. The season has begun with 585 softball and baseball superstar players on 58 teams. So let’s play ball, and GO FLORAL PARK LITTLE LEAGUE!

Other sports favorites include Adult Senior Softball, with Over 60 Softball in warm-up mode. The tennis courts have been prepped and are scheduled to open this weekend. As summer comes, we expect to run a full schedule of recreation programs including the very popular adult basketball and adult volleyball programs.

It promises to be another exciting spring/summer season at the rec center.

Department of Public Works – Trustee Lynn Pombonyo
With April comes Arbor Day and tree planting in the Village of Floral Park. Our DPW is planting 125 trees in the grassy strips along the curb lines in front of our homes. Beautifying Floral Park will be new white and pink cherry trees, red buds, eastern red buds and some lilacs. These trees will co-exist well with wires, sewer lines and sidewalks and are considered PSE&G-friendly. In addition, on Arbor Day, April 30th, the Village will plant two magnificent cherry trees in Memorial Park. Our DPW offer still stands. If you’d like a tree planted along the curb line in front of your home, please call DPW at 326-6320 soon.

One special note about our trees, many of which came down in the August 4, 2020 storm. Martha Terrace was particularly hard hit with the loss of a number of cherished shade trees that fell or were severely damaged. We are happy to say that Martha Terrace will be getting beautiful, but younger, trees back again.

Chambers of Commerce and Our Businesses – Trustee Lynn Pombonyo
Today, Building Superintendent Renee Marcus issued an April 20th Building Department, Covert Avenue Fire Restoration Update for the ten damaged businesses south of Park Place. This update is posted on the Village website and facebook page.

Superintendent Marcus continues to work closely with the property owner’s architect towards the approval of the base building/ rebuild phase (infrastructure-type items inside the buildings which don’t include the designs for the individual businesses). After minor modifications, a permit will be issued shortly. Included in this all important planning are construction vehicle access to the property, dumpster locations and temporary safety barriers (such as the temporary chain-link fencing) around the perimeter.

Superintendent Marcus also continues to update the individual business owners about the status of the planning and will guide them through the interior improvement permit process, filings and restaurant applications. All related questions should be directed to the Building Department, Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm, at 326-6319 or at FPBuildings@fpvillage.org .

Conservation Society – Trustee Lynn Pombonyo
The weather outside is beautiful. You’re invited to enjoy the sunshine at Centennial Gardens, open everyday 12-5pm. Thanks to the Conservation Society and all the dedicated volunteers, our Parks Department and Department of Public Works, all our volunteer groups such as the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, Rotary Club, Sewanhaka District, Chaminade High School, so many others, and Con-Kel Landscaping for keeping it beautiful!

Words of Appreciation – Trustee Lynn Pombonyo
This past weekend, our Village was blessed with two parades and related events. The first was our Little League auto parade throughout the Village. The second was an Honor Flight Long Island vehicle parade and ceremony to honor World War II veteran and Village resident Dominick Critelli on his 100th birthday. Our Floral Park Fire Department made an impressive showing in both parades. And our Police Department continuously moved throughout the Village to guide the parades safely, block busy intersections, and be a strong and welcoming presence for our residents and guests.

Mayor Kevin Fitzgerald
Trustee Cheng is absent this evening but he did send me some notes on updates on the Third Track Construction. As many of you may know, it was halted there for at least 45 days due to some accidents along the construction site. They have started up again, although not as aggressive as they were. They are only working at half the pace they were. Just by way of updates for Floral Park, the elevator testing will continue, the Hempstead branch switch installation support excavation will be installed in preparation for the switch. Crews are installing the backbone conduit along the Right Of Way that is essential for the railroad’s communications. Retaining wall construction is underway on the Hempstead branch from the tunnel heading east and the retention base on the north side of the track, which will continue to backfill the greater wall along the Right Of Way. As of this time, the wall on Charles Street – that construction is temporarily postponed. There will be no work on the weekend on what I’m assuming is along the Main Line.

This past Sunday, the Village celebrated a gentleman, Mr. Critelli’s 100th birthday, with a parade organized by Honor Flight Long Island – a great organization supporting World War II veterans. In non-pandemic times, they take veterans down to Washington D.C. to see the World War II monument put up in their honor for the work and sacrifice they made. It was a wonderful, wonderful turn-out. The parade route had the greatest crowd for any parade I’ve seen recently. It was really exciting to see all of the residents out. Mr. Critelli is a World War II veteran who fought in the Battle of the Bulge. I learned after that he also built five houses in Floral Park. Thanks to everyone who turned out. The turn-out was like Floral Park always does – one of the best!

Secondly, we have another gentleman in the Village turning 100 on May 5th, John Mullee, another World War II veteran who served in the US Navy and was stationed in Guam. These are all really truly amazing stories. Also, on Sunday, there were 7 to 8 World War II veterans present and the emcee from Honor Flight gave a little history on their service in the War; it was truly amazing to be among these individuals. It was definitely a special day in Floral Park! Thanks to everyone for being there.


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