Obituary: Colette Thaw, age 80

Colette Thaw: December 1938 – September 2019 (Photo courtesy of Laura Weinberg)

The Great Neck Breast Cancer Coalition is deeply saddened that our Board Member and friend, Colette Thaw, passed on Sept. 14, 2019.

On a volunteer basis, Colette was Secretary of the GNBCC since the coalition’s inception in 1992 through 2018. She was a dedicated breast cancer advocate and a survivor. She also regularly volunteered for the outreach program, “Lean On Me” where she worked with breast cancer patients on their journey from illness to health.

Colette seemed to be everywhere in the Great Neck Community by working at tables at annual street fairs, assisting with local elections, and was a member of the Great Neck Senior Advisory Committee.

Regarding Colette’s extensive community volunteer work, Grace Grella and members of PATV add that Colette was a very special “Woman in Technology”. She pioneered in community television by being one of the first to receive training and instruction in television production under Shirley Ann Bruno, PATV Executive Director, back in the 1990s. Colette continued to volunteer as a camera person, and assist PATV producers in creating award-winning programming for the community, with Erica Bradley, PATV Executive Director.

During Colette’s earlier years, she worked for decades as a laboratory technician in New York City and was proud of her scientific background. When Long Island advocates met at roundtable meetings for the Long Island Breast Cancer Study Project, Colette was quick to offer her scientific knowledge and advice.

Colette Thaw will be missed by many who had the privilege to know her and work with her. Condolences to family and friends on the loss of this very special woman.

Courtesy of the Great Neck Breast Cancer Coalition

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