Floral Park Memorial High School Future Business Leaders of America chapter members met with Eastern Region Phi Beta Lambda Vice President Dana Borowski on Jan. 31.

During the visit, Borowski reflected on her personal experience with the FBLA-PBL organization, noting that she didn’t initially envision herself becoming part of it, but joined through the encouragement of a friend, and has not looked back. She conveyed the organization’s true goals: the promotion of effective communication skills, community service, time management and networking opportunities.

Furthermore, she provided a guide to navigating college clubs through assessing the following factors: personal interests and hobbies, scheduling conflicts, what one aims to get out of the experience and the opportunity for self-discovery. The FBLA-PBL organization is a career-readiness organization that is available to everyone.

Borowski’s journey from living in a small town to gaining a worldlier perspective through PBL has inspired all the Floral Park FBLA members.

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