Port author debuts book on trauma, grief, loss


Edy Nathan has seen her share of grief and loss in her lifetime. A licensed therapist with twenty years of expertise, she recognized early on how often people suffer acute grief. Rather than ignoring its potency, Nathan teaches how to use the lessons of grief and loss to re-connect with the world and motivate oneself to live more fully. Her new book “It’s Grief: The Dance of Self-Discovery Through Trauma and Loss” does this and more, as evident by the soaring Amazon sales, where it became #1 for books on grief.

The book’s foreword was written by Thomas Moore, author of popular spiritual books like the New York Times bestseller “Care of the Soul.”

“Edy does much of your work for you. She explores all aspects of grief and gives you countless concrete suggestions for dealing with it,” he said. “I appreciate books that are like companions. This book can be a companion that during inevitable moments of grief.”

Moore is also a monk and American psychotherapist, who is internationally known as a motivating force in deepening spirituality and cultivating soul in every aspect of life.

Deepak Chopra, considered to be an international leader in the New Age Movement and multi-book bestselling author, said: “Edy Nathan embraces universal grief with clarity and exquisite awareness.”

Launched in late September, the book provides both an informative and practical guide for dealing with grief. Nathan’s eclectic approach combines cognitive-behavioral therapy techniques, Jungian theory, and practical techniques such as journal writing and self-soothing exercises. Recovery is part of the dance that leads to a relationship of knowing and understanding the self.

She provides very specific techniques to assess the self while in the grief and mourning process. These exercises not only help to educate the reader but also to allow them to learn how to immediately take action to help themselves. The book also provides concrete advice for people who are experiencing reactions to loss such as sleeping problems, food problems, and relationships problems, while helping them to understand what is happening to them.

Nathan has lived in Port Washington for 25 years and practices in Port Washington and New York City. She is a national speaker on topics such as grief. loss, trauma, near-death experiences and sexuality. She is a former national television actor, a potter, a wife, and mother to her dog Ziggy.


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