Port elementary virtual Learners Hit the Books

Cole stacking some of the books he's read

by Melanie D’Arrigo

It’s no secret that education has been challenging this year. From teachers struggling to learn new technologies to students coping with the loss of connection due to social distancing and at-home learning, this past year has been like no other. For our youngest virtual learners who have missed out on in-classroom magical moments, it has been particularly tough.

But we know that Port Strong means we can overcome any challenge as a community. The EVLC (Elementary Virtual Learning Committee) got right to work this year coming up with innovative ways to keep virtual students connected.

They designed and implemented a virtual Read-A-Thon that fostered connection and a love of reading. Students had the opportunity to win prizes like a virtual lunch with their teacher, gift cards for books and a virtual donut breakfast with their principals.

But one coveted prize— the top EVLP reader, encouraged students to read, read, read for the chance to obtain a day named in their honor. This year that much sought-after title went to Sousa fourth-grader, Cole Marro. While the elementary virtual learners as a whole logged over 944 hours of reading over a ten-day period, Cole logged over 45 hours alone. Cole Marro Day will take place on Friday, April 9th in honor of his impressive accomplishment.

When asked about his impressive achievement, Cole remarked “ I liked reading the best because I got to enjoy my stories and I got to finish a book series I had been trying to finish for a while.” Cole told us that he enjoys the Keeper of the Lost series which includes books over 800 pages long and “some of the biggest books (he has) ever read.”

If you see Cole around town, (we hear he can often be found visiting the library), please wish him a Happy Cole Marro Day.


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