Roslyn, Alberston water commissioners welcomed back by association

From left, Roslyn Water District Commissioner William Costigan and Albertson Water District Commissioner Richard Ockovic were welcomed back into the Nassau Suffolk Water Commissioners’ Association since their re-election. (Photos courtesy of Nassau Suffolk Water Commissioners’ Association)

Voters in both Nassau and Suffolk counties have spoken at the polls and elected or re-elected water commissioners in all commissioner-run water districts.

The Nassau Suffolk Water Commissioners’ Association, which consists of water commissioners representing 21 Long Island water districts, congratulates and welcomes back re-elected Roslyn Water District Commissioner William Costigan and re-elected Albertson Water District Commissioner Richard Ockovic to its association, both of whom will serve a three-year term beginning Jan. 1, 2018 through Dec. 31, 2020.

There are three water district commissioner positions in each district. District residents vote for one of the three commissioner positions each year.

“We are extremely pleased to welcome our new and returning colleagues to the NSWCA. Commissioner-run water districts enable all registered residents to express their opinions and personal preferences for the men and women of their choice through the voting process,”Nassau Suffolk Water Commissioners’ Association President and Plainview Water District Commissioner Andrew N. Bader said. “This hyper-local voting basis enables communities to effectively ensure that the vote of every resident truly counts. It also helps to ensure that goals such as sustainability, water quality and economics match the views and preferences of each individual community.”


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