East Hills hosts Thanksgiving Character Breakfast

Trustee Brian Meyerson; co-chair of Kids in the Park Ellie Tulumba, Mayor Michael Koblenz, trustee Stacey Siegel; co-chair of Kids in the Park Robyn Brattner. Furthest on the right: Trustee Clara Pomerantz. (Photo courtesy of the Village of East Hills)

On Saturday, Nov. 30, Kids in the Park hosted one of the largest Thanksgiving Character Breakfast at the Village of East Hills’ Theatre. Close to 200 people, including infants, children, parents and grandparents enjoyed the memorable event.

This year’s theme was popular with characters that were similar to those featured in a most recent film. Actors came dressed as characters, wearing full costume and make up. The characters engaged with the children and posed for photos opportunities with all the attending families.

Later in the breakfast, everyone participated in singings songs from both Frozen movies. In addition to all the fun, Jerry Stamintinos from East Hills’ Park Grille catered a full pancake breakfast.

The Kids in the Park event has been an annual tradition, since its commencement four years ago. As one very happy father said, “Who needs to go to Disney, thanks to this program?”

Mayor Michael Koblenz said, “This was yet another successful event organized by our Kids in the Park Committee, including Robyn Brattner, Co-Chair; Ellie Tulumba, Co-Chair; Tracey Fiddle, Member; Rachel Liebman, Member; Tara O’Neill, Member; Danielle Pradas, Member; Keri Prestia, Member; Elyse Sentner, Member; Allyson Stumacher, Member; Natalie Viener, Member; Manny Zuckerman, Deputy Mayor & Supervising Trustee; Clara Pomerantz, Supervising Trustee; Stacey Siegel, Supervising Trustee. We thank them for bringing our young families together for such wonderful events as this.”

Submitted by the Village of East Hills. 


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