Meadow Drive School displays gratitude mural

A blueprint of Meadow Drive’s gratitude mural, where students and staff can post what they are grateful for.

Students and staff at Meadow Drive School in Mineola are displaying what they are grateful for, while celebrating their community.

The school is working on a gratitude mural, an interactive display on one of the school’s hallways, which will include a corkboard for students and staff to post messages on. The wall was inspired by an article in the New York Times on Thanksgiving, where readers wrote six-word gratitude memoirs. The gratitude mural hopes to mirror the same idea.

Meadow Drive Principal Sara Ortiz says the practice of gratitude is important in building kindness and social-emotional wellness for both students and staff.

While 2020 has been a year full of challenges, the gratitude mural is meant to highlight the year’s learning moments as well as celebrate the fact that the community has come together and supported one another during a tough time. Meadow Drive is choosing to see the light that has emerged from this year and hopes to inspire gratitude in years to come.

The gratitude mural is currently a work in progress, being painted directly on one of the school’s walls.

Photos courtesy of Mineola Union Free School District


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