Roslyn welcomes new teachers

The new teachers of the Roslyn School District for the 2018-19 school year (Photo courtesy of the Roslyn School District).

Roslyn welcomed new members of the faculty for the 2019-20 school year at a special orientation program during the week before school.

Kristyn Barnett, Harbor Hill School

Patricia Brennan, East Hills

Emilio Cruz, Special Education, Harbor Hill and Heights Schools

Erika Donoghue, Science, High School

Lisa DeMarco, Guidance, Middle School

Audrey Demas, Reading, Middle School and High School

Emily Esposito, Special Education, Harbor Hill and Heights Schools

Jill Fedun, English, Middle School

Emily Feld, Sign Language, Middle and High School

Daniel Goldbeck, Math, High School

Hanna Greenfield, Science, Middle School

Ricki Harwin, Harbor Hill School

Alexandra Kaimis, Heights

Christina Kampson, Art, Harbor Hill School

Susan Kenny, Reading, Middle and High Schools

Tracey Perles, Harbor Hill and East Hills

Joanna Rocco, Music, Harbor Hill School

Jana Ross, East Hills

Jessica Savitt, Harbor Hill School

Rachel Schultz, Heights

Paige Tarrant, Special Education, Middle and High Schools

Erin Zimmerman, English, High School

Submitted by the Roslyn School District


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