Roslyn student’s research paper published in peer-reviewed journal

Roslyn student’s research paper published in peer-reviewed journal
Roslyn High School research coordinator Dr. Allyson Weseley is pictured with senior Hailee Youn whose research was published in a peer-reviewed science journal. (Photo courtesy of Roslyn Public Schools)

Roslyn High School senior Hailee Youn had her research paper published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal, a rare accomplishment for a high school student and rarer still for a first-semester senior. “After a year and a half of working on this study, I am honored to be able to share my research,” said Hailee.

“Hailee is the first author on the study, reflecting the fact that she was the main force behind the project,” said Advisor Dr. Allyson Weseley, who is a co-author. “I have published about a dozen papers with students before, but none of them were ready to submit their papers for publication this early in their high school tenure, and much less have the paper accepted.”

Her research, involving an analysis of voter turnout rates in the United States, established that nearly half of eligible American voters consistently choose not to participate in elections. Her article can be read in its entirety with the following link:

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