July and August are the peak of the summer’s heat and that means irrigation systems are being utilized more and more.

During the hotter summer months, demand for water spikes dramatically within the Roslyn Water District’s (RWD) service territory and across Long Island, causing water consumption and, therefore, bills, to nearly triple.

This year, water pumpage in Roslyn is up 27.3 percent (roughly 28.3 million gallons) from last year’s irrigation season, and over half of the water pumped is unfortunately wasted due to inefficient watering practices.

The RWD would like to remind all residents of ways they can cut back on their water use this summer while continuing to maintain a healthy landscape.

“The importance of water conservation during the summer months cannot be overstated,” said Commissioner Michael Kosinski. “Water usage increases significantly over the summer and much of it is wasted. The best thing residents can do to combat this is to replace their standard irrigation timer with a smart irrigation controller. They are proven to help conserve water while still maintaining healthy lawns and gardens, using just the right amount of water needed to keep properties in top shape.”

Smart controllers replace standard irrigation clock timers and use a Wi-Fi connection to link up with local weather stations to automatically adjust watering schedules based on the forecast.

This, in turn, allows the controller to understand how much water the lawn needs, usually one inch of water per week, and cuts down on any unnecessary overwatering.

While it can vary depending on weather and other factors including the design of your irrigation system, these devices have proven to reduce irrigation consumption by up to 30 percent.

This is crucial during warmer months, as over half of the water pumped in the summer is unfortunately wasted due to evaporation, wind and other inefficient watering practices.

“It is easy for residents to lose track of how much water they are using, especially during the summer,” said Commissioner William Costigan. “By installing a smart irrigation controller, they will never have to worry about whether they are using too much or too little water. The smart controller does that work for them, ensuring that their lawns are protected while also helping the District meet our conservation goals.”

Because smart irrigation controllers are so effective in conserving water, the District has issued an ordinance that all residents must switch from standard to smart controllers by 2025. When they make the switch, residents will likely find that the smart controllers pay for themselves within a year of installation.

Additionally, the District’s “Save 2” campaign encourages residents to cut back their irrigation timers by two minutes per zone every time they water. This can help them save an average of 10% on their annual irrigation water usage.

“Everything the Roslyn Water District does is for the betterment of our community,” said Commissioner Sanford Klein. “By encouraging water conservation, we are helping our neighbors do everything they can to preserve our precious water supply while making things easier on their wallets. We hope to see our community fully transitioned to smart controllers soon so we can continue striving toward our conservation objectives.”

For more information, including water conservation tips, please visit the Roslyn Water District’s website, www.roslynwaterdistrict.org.

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