Summer Discovery acquires Summer Institute for the Gifted


Roslyn-based Summer Discovery has announced it has acquired Summer Institute for the Gifted, headquartered in Stamford, Conn.

Until now, Summer Discovery worked exclusively with high school and middle school-aged students. The recent addition of SIG — which has branches in over 20 locations nationwide— will now allow Summer Discovery to expand its offerings, university partnerships, and educational programs to support the academic needs and growth of students who are in elementary school.

Summer Discovery partners with a wide range of universities to run programs that include UCLA, Michigan, Georgetown, Cambridge, and the University of Pennsylvania.

“Our goal has always been helping students achieve their academic potential,” said Adriane Thorpe, chief executive officer for Summer Discovery. “This acquisition allows us to serve a whole new demographic of students as young as age five who are gifted, academically talented, and creative students looking to connect and grow with like-minded peers and a supportive community.”

Both companies have operations in multiple states, accept students nationwide, and have been leaders in the educational industry for decades.

Since 1966 and 1984, respectively, Summer Discovery and SIG have made a lasting impact on the lives of families who want to provide their children with enriching academic opportunities.

Now, with Summer Discovery’s acquisition of SIG, the combined educational resources and strengths will be even stronger than before. Families will have pathways — from elementary to high school — to help their students’ academic and extracurricular pursuits.

“This acquisition is bringing two powerhouse brands in the educational space under one roof,” said Caroline Daniel, director of Academics for SIG. “It means families have more options, and both companies can share opportunities to build quality gifted and pre-college programs in the market for the students we serve.”

For over 35 years, SIG has expanded to include eight residential sessions in six states, where it has offered overnight and day options for students who are ages 9-17, and 11 additional day-only programs for commuting students in the age range of 5-12. As part of the Summer Discovery company, SIG will continue to operate under its well-known name.

“Summer Institute for the Gifted has strong brand recognition and is a reputable partner with universities and families,” said Thorpe. “We want to preserve this legacy as we expand our offerings and brands.”

Under single ownership, both companies are planning for on-campus (residential and commuter) and online programs for summer 2021. Families and partners can expect the same level of academic quality and customer service throughout the transition.



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