Temple Judea hosts arthritis expert

Dr. Christine Stamatos and Paul Vegoda. (Photo courtesy of Temple Judea)

At a recent event of Temple Judea’s Lifelong Learning Program, Dr. Christine Stamatos, the director of the Fibromyalgia Wellness Center at Northwell Health, gave a talk on how arthritis presents itself in many different symptoms. It was an eye-opener for the participants to learn that there are many forms of arthritis with each requiring expert medical evaluation in order to prescribe appropriate medications and procedures.

Dr. Stamatos’ presentation was thorough and easily understood by laypeople, some of whom are experiencing forms of arthritis, and who benefited from her expertise and depth of understanding of this topic. In her presentation, which included visuals on a large screen, she discussed pharmacology and non-pharmacologic management strategies for arthritis pain and treatment, which were much appreciated by people who are currently suffering from this illness.

Paul Vegoda, chair of the Lifelong Learning Program, was introduced to Dr. Stamatos after seeing her speak at another venue. He was very impressed with her breadth of knowledge and ease of transmitting rather complex information, and thus invited her to speak at Temple Judea.

After the presentation, Stamatos graciously answered many questions by individuals who came up to her asking questions regarding their specific needs.

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