Temple Judea offers new course on the prayer book

Temple Judea offers new course on the prayer book

Congregants of Temple Judea will be introduced to a new “virtual” course on the Hebrew prayer book, “UNLOCKING THE SECRETS OF THE SIDDUR”, taught by Rabbi Todd Chizner. This class will explore everything from the history of the prayers to the roots of individual Hebrew words. The ultimate goal of the class is to demystify the Hebrew prayer experience so that each can feel at ease with and connection to these timeless expressions of faith.

The prayer books, (the plural is siddurim in Hebrew), which are used by Jews during Shabbat and High Holiday services as well as for daily worship, have had a long history. The oldest Siddur, which resides in the Bible Lands Museum in Jerusalem, dates back to the eighth century CE, and was written by hand on parchment. Of course this prayer book was very scarce, and it was rare for people to own one.

Today’s prayer books, while basically similar to each other, take many forms. Orthodox, Conservative, Reform and Reconstructionist Jews each use their own versions and interpretations of the holy writings and prayers.

The group will study changes made throughout the millennia, as well as those parts which have remained the same throughout history. Knowledge of Hebrew is not required. All are welcome to join this exciting new course. There is no fee. The course will meet on Wednesdays at 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm.

Temple Judea is located at 333 Searingtown Road, Manhasset (exit 36n on the LIE) and can be reached at (516) 621-8049 or at www.temple-judea.com. New members are always welcome

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