Wit & whim to open The Creative Gallery, a year-round, handmade marketplace

Wit & Whim will open The Creative Gallery, a year-round, handmade marketplace on June 8. (Photo courtesy of wit & whim)

Wit & whim, Port Washington’s award-winning life and style shop with a twist, is opening the waterfront town’s first year-round marketplace.

The Creative Gallery, as it has been named, features a wide variety of the finest handmade merchandise, created by local designers. Reaching beyond the confines of a pop-up or weekend fair, customers will have the opportunity to shop one-of-a-kind creations all year.

Located at 6 Carlton Ave, wit & whim is a treasure trove of carefully curated unique, vintage modern and handmade gifts at every price point. An added twist, each month wit & whim gives back to a different organization.

Now in its sixth year, the shop has become a destination for people all over Long Island, as well as Queens, Brooklyn and Manhattan. Co-owner Jacquelyn Conte adds, “In addition to our local customers, we have shoppers who stop in whenever they are in town from England and Japan.”

Colorful flags are strewn across the ceiling, in the back portion of the shop, to denote the location of the gallery space. “We wanted to keep an open flow throughout the shop, but felt it was also important for our artists to have their own dwellings,” explains co-owner Krissy Harper.

The concept for the Creative Gallery was born in an effort to contribute to the already artistic energy flowing throughout the shop. The space also gives seasoned makers a chance to branch out to new customers, while up and coming artists will gain exposure they may not ordinarily have.

“We strive to be a shop that is unique and on the cutting edge,” says Conte. The space features an eclectic mix of jewelry, soy candles, vegan makeup, pebble art, organic dog treats and so much more.

“Our passion to feature handmade runs deep, as Jacquelyn and I are makers ourselves.”, Harper said. While the space serves as a unique shopping experience, it has also allowed fellow artists to network and connect.

“Wit & whim provides us local artists with a unique portal to reach the local community and participate in the celebration of the unique, visual and artistic language of each piece nestled within its walls. I’m very honored to be part of this hidden gem in Port!” said artist Maria Salazar.

“I am so thrilled to be a part of the wit & whim creative gallery. It has given me an opportunity to showcase my homemade dog treats in a wonderful, pet-friendly town. I love that I have the creative authority to bring in new items each month and arrange my shelf however I wish. The positive feedback helps me gauge what items to keep making and gives me creative ideas on new treats to test out! I am truly blessed for this opportunity!” said Tracey DiNapoli, creator of D.O.G.G. Grub.

In a world of cardboard delivery boxes and computer screens, wit & whim is offering a tactile, fun, shopping experience. Smell the fragrant candles, try on the rainbow of jewels, run your hand over the butter-soft leather of a bag, give your pup a taste of a handmade dog treat.

Harper and Conte announced a ‘Grand Opening Party’ to celebrate the shop’s new addition, to be held on Saturday, June 8th from 10:a.m. to 6 p.m. All are invited to join in for food, refreshments, music and a unique shopping experience.

For more information, contact Krissy Harper at 516-944-9200 or witandwhim@gmail.com.

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