Council may OK parking in town lot on weekends

The Town of North Hempstead's parking lot at 220 Plandome Road could be open to the public on weekends if a proposed ordinance is approved. (Photo courtesy of Google Maps)

The Town of North Hempstead will consider a proposal to allow members of the public to park in the Town Hall parking lot on weekends.

The change, proposed by on Thursday by Councilwoman Veronica Lurvey, would allow for public parking during specified hours on Saturdays and Sundays in the lot adjacent to Andrew Street behind to Town Hall.

Currently, the lot consists of 80 numbered parking spaces, which is only allowed for use by town employees with permits, is closed to the public on weekends and weekdays alike.

Under the proposed change, the public would be allowed to park in the lot between the hours of 7 a.m. and midnight on Saturdays and Sundays, with 10 of the 80 spaces still designated exclusively for Town of North Hempstead officials.

“This is a resolution that goes towards the work that the [Manhasset Chamber of Commerce] and local community had been engaging in with the town, to make it easier for residents and for shoppers to come and support the local businesses,” Lurvey said.

A public hearing and vote on the matter is scheduled for the council’s next meeting, on Nov. 19.

The Town Council recently voted to extend parking on Plandome Road from one to two hours to make shopping in the business district more convenient.

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