Going Places Near & Far… Backroads unveils robust program to most popular family travel summer destinations


Iceland is one of the most popular destinations for family adventure travel this summer © Karen Rubin/goingplacesfarandnear.com.

Alaska, Yellowstone & the Tetons, Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast and Italy’s Dolomites top the list of the most popular summer travel destinations for families, according to Backroads, one of the world’s leading active travel companies that has focused more intently on family travel in recent years.

“The trend of immediate and extended families traveling together continues to grow, as families of all ages look to collect shared authentic experiences, while also doing more with limited vacation time,” the company stated.

This summer Backroads is offering nearly 450 family trip departures. This summer’s top-selling Backroads trips include easily accessible domestic destinations for those looking for an immersive vacation that is a quick flight or short drive from home. Following last year’s centennial celebrations in the US National Parks, the company’s camping trips continue to sell well. The strong US dollar is also positively impacting growth in Europe with must-see regions like the Loire Valley, and off-the-beaten path destinations, including Sweden are trending hotter than ever.
Backroads top trips in the US this summer include:

Alaska: Family: Alaska’s Prince William Sound to Denali Multisport Adventure Tour; Family Breakaway: Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula Adventure Tour

Utah & Arizona: Family and Family Breakaway: Bryce, Zion & Grand Canyon Multisport Adventure Tour; Yellowstone & Tetons; Family: Discover the Wonders of Wyoming’s Wild Preserves Multisport Adventure Tour; Family Breakaway: Exploring the Wyoming Wilderness Walking & Hiking Tour

For families looking to travel internationally, Backroads offers many departures from European gateway cities for easy travel and extended stays on either end of a trip.

European top-selling Backroads trips include:

Croatia: Family: 101 Ways to Play in Croatia’s Dalmatian Islands Multisport Tour; Family Breakaway: From Split to Dubrovnik via Croatia’s Island Paradise Bike Tour

Iceland: Family: Exploration at the Edge of the Arctic Circle Multisport Adventure Tour; Family Breakaway: Coastal Fishing Villages of Northern Iceland Walking & Hiking Tour

Spain and Portugal: Family: From Barcelona to Catalonia’s Peaks & Beaches Bike Tour; Family Breakaway: A Taste of Camino de Santiago Walking & Hiking Tour

Switzerland: Family: Massif Thrills in the Swiss Alps Multisport Adventure Tour; Family Breakaway: A Summer Adventure in the Swiss Alps Walking & Hiking Tour

“There is something very special about the tradition of family summer trips. Not only are they a chance to explore and discover new or favorite locations, but they are also a chance for families to spend unforgettable quality time together,” said Tom Hale, Backroads founder and president.

“Our goal at Backroads is to enable people to take full advantage of their vacation time and not sweat any of the details. In many cases we have spent years in these regions and know the most beautiful hikes, the best bike rides, and which campground has the most spectacular view. We offer family trips people often dream of, but in reality know they are typically too difficult to plan on their own.”

A leader in family travel, Backroads has been designing active vacations for almost 40 years and offers Family Trips for kids of all ages all the way up to older teens and 20-somethings. With daily route options and a range of activities, including those designed just for kids, Backroads adventures are geared toward multigenerational travelers and for families of mixed ages, interests, and abilities. The company emphasizes fun, dynamic and safety-focused travel crafted to immerse guests in a place and culture with authentic interactions and highly skilled leaders.

Backroads offers some 450 family and family breakaway (designed for families with older teens and 20-something aged kids) departures available this summer, including options for private trips. Trip Consultants help match families with kids of similar ages and provide details on activity age restrictions and recommendations.

For more information on Backroads Family and Family Breakaway Trips, visit www.backroads.com or call 800-462-2848 daily, 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., Pacific time.

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