Well, it was my turn to host the book club again.

The book we read was “Dead Wake” by Eric Larsen.

I immediately started to research what was served on the Lusitania and other transatlantic ships.

Lucky for me, my parents were ardent cruisers in the 1960s.

My mother had saved many of the menus from their crossings.

After much reading, I came up with the following menu.

All of the recipes are very easy to prepare and delicious.

The hors d’oeuvres may also be worked into to your spring entertaining repertoire.

I know your guests will enjoy them as much as mine did as not a morsel was left at the end of the evening!


(Serves 8)

Baked Green Olives*

Shrimp with Cocktail Sauce*

Smoked Salmon on Endive

Salami & Gherkins

Stuffed Mushrooms

Bread Sticks*

*Recipe Not Given

Smoked Salmon 

on Endive

Place these hors d’oeuvres on a plate or platter in a star burst
for a dramatic presentation. 

Buy the best quality smoked
salmon you can find.

1/4 lb. the best smoked

salmon, sliced thinly

2 large heads of endive,


A few sprigs of dill

1. Place a ribbon of smoked salmon on each endive, garnish with dill.

2.  Arrange on a plate or platter in a starburst pattern.  

Refrigerate up to two hours before serving.

Salami & Gherkins

This hors d’oeuvre is easy to assemble and you probably have the items in your refrigerator.

Use a “fancy toothpick” to
make it extra special.

16 slices of salami, sliced thin

16 gherkins or 8 large

gherkins, sliced in half


1. Place one salami slice on a cutting board.  

Put gherkin on top, roll up and secure with a toothpick.

2. Place on a serving platter or in a crock.  

Refrigerate up to three hours.


Stuffed Mushrooms

16 medium white

mushrooms, cleaned and

stems removed

Spray oil

2 shallots, finely chopped

2 sausages (I use chicken),

cut into slices

8 oz. baby spinach

1/4 cup grated parmesan


Salt and pepper, to taste

1. Place mushroom caps on a baking sheet with the “cup side” facing up.  

Set aside.

2. In a skillet, sweat the shallots, add the mushroom stems and saute until soft.  

Add the sausage and continue sauteing.  

Add spinach and saute until wilted.

3. Place mixture in a food processor and process until smooth.  

Add cheese and pulse until combined.

4. Place mixture in a pastry bag fitted with a steel tip.  

Pipe into mushrooms.  

Stuffed mushrooms may be frozen for up to 2 weeks.

5.  Preheat oven to 400 degrees.  

Take a disposable aluminum pan and cover it with aluminum foil.  

Poke holes in the foil. 

(This allows the liquid in the mushrooms to drip down and not make the mushrooms soggy.)

Place mushrooms on top of the foil.  

Bake until hot and bubbly, approximately 15-20 minutes.  

Serve hot.

Alexandra Troy is owner of Culinary Architect Catering, a 32 year-old, Greenvale-based company, specializing in private, corporate and promotional parties.  

She lives in Manhasset with her husband and son. 

If you make these recipes, email your photos to me at [email protected]

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