Morning Afternoon Evening, a new interdisciplinary dance/theater/poetry work at Cedarmere

Morning Afternoon Evening, a new interdisciplinary dance/theater/poetry work at Cedarmere
Dance Visions NY, Inc.

Site-specific outdoor program on the grounds of three spaces of Cedarmere, in Roslyn Harbor, NY, the historical estate of poet and journalist William C Bryant.
Sunday, Oct. 3 5:30 pm
Raindate Oct. 10
Co-produced by the Friends of Cedarmere
225 Bryant Ave,
Roslyn Harbor, NY
Tickets- $10-$25
For tickets:–programs.html

After a very successful premiere at the Philly Fringe Festival, this rich work is coming to beautiful outdoor spaces on the north shore of Long island.

“Morning, Afternoon, Evening” is a site-specific dance/theater performance piece, based on an original poem, which depicts a journey following a river. The poem is a discourse between the protagonist and her companion(s) as well as an inner dialogue. This theatrical interpretation utilizes one actor, in monologue, and eight dancers who offer a physical interpretation of her thoughts as well as serving as her companions(s). The poem depicts water originating in caves, erupting into a spring, and becoming waterfalls (in “Morning”), passing through mountains, forests, and plains (in “Afternoon”); finally, the river comes to the mouth of the ocean in “Evening.”

In “Morning,” all is new and beautiful, but the “wind is forever at my back,” evoking a sense of foreboding. In “Afternoon,” the mood is quieter – the journey continues but it is lazier and more complacent. Over the course of “Evening,” the protagonist is faced with a dilemma. As the piece moves inexorably into the darkness of night, she gets increasingly lost in a liminal space where all looks the same- “sea is sky and darkness, darkness, there are no distinctions.” Her companion(s) tell her that going into the darkness, going into the sea, is dangerous and violent beyond anything she can fathom. However, there is no other way to go. Her companion(s) reassure her that everything is cyclic, and only out of nothing, can something new arise.

The times we are living in only heighten the depth of the poem. We are excited and honored to put it into a theatre dance work at this point in history. Themes and repertory from the dance of Isadora Duncan contributes to the timelessness of the work. Additionally, the piece helps to demonstrate the beauty and power of the precious and tentative natural world. This multidisciplinary artwork encompasses theater, dance, poetry and music. It illustrates the cyclic nature of so many aspects of our world and has particular relevance today, with its theme of ending in order to begin anew. The work is accessible, open to many levels of interpretation, in which each viewer will derive personal meanings from the work.

Dance Visions NY is a celebrated New York metropolitan area dance company that brings Isadora Duncan’s artistic legacy into the present through the performance of Isadora Duncan repertory as passed on to Beth Jucovy through her 2nd-generation Duncan mentors, as well as through original works, influenced by the aesthetic, that take on a different form in the modern world. The company’s works are often inter-disciplinary and address both timeless and current themes.

Tzena Nicole is an international actress who has appeared in film productions in the US, Germany and France as well as many classical and modern stage productions in NYC. She is also a monologist. Storytelling, in all its forms, is her life-blood.

Concept, choreography and direction: Beth Jucovy
Poem: Excerpts from “The Subject and Power” by Kyra Jucovy
Actor: Tzena Nicole
Dancers: Amelia Atteberry, Eric Acevedo, Louisa Cathcart, Chiemi Ip, Beth Jucovy, Rebekah Mulkey, Olivia Parente, Michelle Tilghman

*This program is made possible with funds from the Decentralization Program as well as the Restart NY Program, both regrant programs of the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of the office of the Governor and the New York State Legislature, and administered by The Huntington Arts Council.

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