Planning your veggie garden with Queens Farm


Interested in growing food, but not sure how to start? Join the Queens County Farm Museum on Saturday, March 21 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and learn the basics from our farmers so you can start gardening with confidence.

Get useful tips on how to turn any backyard site into a garden, plant your crops, differentiate between direct seeding and transplanting, the how-to’s and why’s of weeding, harvesting, watering, and more! The class will emphasize organic methods so you can grow fresh, healthy food that’s good for your body and good for the planet. Note: Adult Education at Queens Farm is open to ages 18 & older.

Instructor Melanie Pylarinos is the farm manager at Queens Farm. She holds a certificate in Horticulture from the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and her favorite crops to grow are hot peppers and herbs.

Class fee: $40.00 ($35.00 Member)
Queens County Farm Museum
Queens, NY, 11004


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