Planting Fields Foundation announces four new estate tours

(Photo courtesy of the Planting Fields Foundation)

Planting Fields Foundation announced the introduction of four new estate tours encompassing historic Coe Hall and its surrounding gardens and grounds designed by the Olmsted Brothers.

This new approach to the visitor experience marks the first time in nearly three decades that the tours on the property have been entirely recreated and renewed, including an extensive tour testing process with the Foundation’s experienced guides and docents.

Each of the four new guided tours has been designed to unify the architecture and art of Coe Hall with the vast landscape as a reflection of the original intent and vision of founders W.R. and Mai Coe in 1918.

Alexander Walker and Leon Gillette, architects of Coe Hall and other structures at Planting Fields were engaged at that time to create a comprehensive estate that combined the built and natural world. Walker and Gillette ultimately hired the Olmsted Brothers of Brookline, Mass. who developed the landscape design over a 10-year period.

Through this new selection of tours, visitors will be able to see and experience all furnished rooms within Coe Hall and multiple outdoor spaces including the West Lawn, South Rhododendron Park, the Camellia House, Cloister Garden, Italian Garden, and Tea House to name a few.

A View from Coe Hall has also been crafted to ensure full accessibility to visitors with mobility devices.

“Each of these tours tells a distinct story about the founders, the family, the love and legacy of art, architecture, horticulture, and preservation. Whether it’s a first-time visit or home away from home, visitors will have the opportunity to see and experience the history of Planting Fields in an entirely new way,” states Rheanna Abbott, director of education and engagement at Planting Fields Foundation.

New tiered pricing for tickets will be rolled out in April as well as a special promotion. Return your estate tour ticket before Oct. 30 to receive a second estate tour free.


A View from Coe Hall

45 minutes      11:45 a.m., 1:45 p.m., and 2:45 p.m.

Explore the layered history of the estate and walk away with a sense of the Coe’s lives at Planting Fields and how the home was designed to facilitate their seasonal needs. This tour visits the entryway, the Den, the French Reception room, the Gallery, the Writing room, and the Cloister garden.

A Place to Rest Your Head                         

45 minutes      Noon and 2 p.m.

Explore the most intimate rooms of Coe Hall, the bedrooms that housed the Coe’s, their guests, and staff. What can we learn about the lives of those that inhabited this estate from the trappings of their bedrooms, and the vantage points from their windows? This tour visits the West Guest suite, East Guest suite, Mai Coe’s suite, W.R. Coe’s suite, Governess’s room, and Valet’s room.

Through Mai’s Eyes: Bringing the Outside In   

45 minutes      11:30 a.m., 1:30 p.m., and 2:30 p.m.

Follow Mai Coe through an imagined day in her life. Get a closer look at Mai’s role in the development of Planting Fields as an innovator and patron of the arts. Walk away with a sense of Mai’s personality and aesthetic interests as you learn about the life of this dynamic mother, wife, patron, and friend. This tour visits Mai Coe’s suite, the Buffalo room, the French Reception room, the Cloister Garden and Circular pool, the Blue Pool garden, the Tea House, and Vista Allee.

Passions and Perspective: The Life and Legacy of W.R. Coe

45 minutes      12:15 p.m. and 3 p.m.

Contrary to Mai Coe’s aesthetic interests, W.R. Coe preferred the “naturalistic” aesthetic in the style of an English garden and a Tudor home. Explore the landscape tastes of Mr. Coe and learn more about how Planting Fields hosted and defined his interests, hobbies, and passions. This tour visits Mr. Coe’s suite, the Sporting room, the Lawn, the South Rhododendron Park, and the Camellia House.

Adults 18-61: $10.00
Adults 62 and older: $9.00
Children 12-17: $5.00
Children under 12: Free
Members: Free

Group Estate Tour Rates
Group estate tour rates are offered for groups of 20 or more and should be booked at least two weeks in advance via the Planting Fields Foundation website.
Adults 18-61: $9.00
Adults 62 and older: $8.00
Children 12-17: $4.00
Children under 12: Free
For more about the Planting Fields Foundation, visit

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