Does Delta-10 Show Up In A Drug Test? More Things To Know

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It is quite challenging to find someone who has not heard of cannabis. The cannabis market has evolved over the past decade and continues to gain more ground daily. Although some states permit the use of cannabis products, some employers still insist on a mandatory drug test for their workers.

Once positive, you may face several sanctions. Hence, several employees ask if delta-10 THC will appear in their drug test.

Many consumers use hemp-derived cannabinoids when they cannot find THC. Delta-10 is a new and innovative way to enjoy cannabis. Also, the product combines several cannabinoids for an outstanding experience. While you may enjoy delta-10, it sometimes gets confusing which of these products will get flagged in drug tests. Our article describes delta-10, HHC and other cannabinoids that will make you fail a drug test.

Legal Cannabinoids

We must first understand the legal status of cannabis before we can consider which product is legal or not. The 2018 Farm Bill made it legal to grow the cannabis plant. Additionally, you could use these plants for extraction in every state in the U.S. You only had to ensure these compounds did not have more than 0.3% THC.

The government’s ruling on cannabis products opened the door for more research on cannabis-derived products. Before long, new products with cannabinoids came to the forefront. Hence, we now have delta-8, delta-10, and HHC products ready to give users a thrilling encounter. Depending on your product, you will typically enjoy intoxicating and non-intoxicating effects.

Since there are still a lot of gray areas, it is quite challenging to tell one thing from another. While these products offer several medical benefits, some employers still struggle with the reality. Hence, employees typically lose their jobs if they fail drug tests. It is worth noting that most drug tests do not discriminate between the type of cannabis compound you take. Instead, they help to determine if you consumed cannabis or not.

Will You Fail A Drug Test After Using Delta-8 THC?

Delta-8 THC is one of the earliest cannabis products discovered by scientists. While most reviews claim that the effects of consuming THC (delta-8) usually surpass prescription drugs, no scientific data supports these claims. Will you test positive after you consume THC (delta-8)? Yes. Most standard drug tests do not identify the specific THC compound in your sample. Instead, these tests only detect the THC-COOH metabolite produced by your body after breaking down these hemp-based cannabinoids.

Your body needs to break down these cannabinoids to flush them out of your system. Once your body has a high amount of these metabolites, you will have a positive result. What makes delta-8 so enticing is the closely related chemical relationship it has with THC.

Interestingly, your body breaks down delta-8 THC the same way as it breaks down regular THC, meaning it’s quite challenging for a drug test to differentiate between these compounds once broken down. These tests cannot tell if you have consumed regular delta-8 gummies effect or the standard delta-9 THC.

This development may sound like bad news to delta-8 lovers. Well, there is a way around it. You can use detox kits to cleanse your system of any THC products if you have a test coming up. Alternatively, you could avoid THC use for some weeks. That way, THC will not stay in your system when you go for your drug test.

Will You Record A Positive Result After Using Delta-10 THC?

Most cannabis users report that delta-10 THC is less potent. However, delta-10 THC still appears in drug tests. Like other THC products, delta-10 contains THC metabolites that flag a drug test once you still have these metabolites in your system. Urine tests, blood tests, hair follicle tests, and even a saliva test will flag your drug test.

Though delta-10 and delta-8 have significant differences to make the government regulate them separately, they are still related, and an imperfect method like a drug test will always flag the compound.

Like delta-8, delta-10 can also cause you to lose your job since most drug tests will pick it up. Since most employers use urine tests for their employees, you could lose your job if you have a substantial amount of delta-10 THC in your system.

What Are The Possible Drug Tests One Could Take?

Most employers will require you to take a drug test at regular intervals. If you work in such a company or institution, it is good to know the blood tests you could encounter. Your employer could ask for a blood test.

However, the most common of them is the urine test. Some employers could favor a hair follicle drug test.

After a few months of consumption, hair follicle drug tests will detect these metabolites in your system. The drug test is the most accurate of the tests. You don’t need to panic because most establishments will not ask for a saliva test or complicated drug test. Instead, they will use your urine for the urine test.

How Long Does Delta-10 Last In Your Body?

It takes up to two days for hemp products to clear from your system. Several other factors affect whether you will get flagged for a drug test.

The testing methods determine the efficiency of the drug tests. Hair tests are usually more efficient than other forms of drug tests. Other contributing factors include the type of THC product you consumed.

Note that federally legal THC will also get flagged if it has more than 0.3% THC. You can enjoy your THC product at least a week before drug testing to avoid getting flagged down. Furthermore, avoid consuming too many THC products. You can enjoy a little quantity a few days before your saliva tests. You also have to exercise caution when taking perspiration tests. Be wary of novel cannabinoids because they will also flag as positive.

Will HHC Make You Fail A Drug Test?

The knowledge of HHC is still shallow and, therefore, not on many drug testing radars. However, a jury will still be looking out for this one, so better safe than sorry. HHC is more chemically distinct from THC, unlike delta-8 and delta-9. HHC forms when an extra hydrogen molecule adds to delta-9 THC. Hence, different metabolites break down the new compound.

What Is HHC?

There are a lot of cannabinoids sweeping across the country. It has become challenging to keep track of all of them. The most prevalent cannabinoids are delta-8, delta-9, and delta-10 THC. 

Thus, the legality of the compound is still in question. There’s hardly any proper documentation on the compound’s effects on the human body system. It is still uncertain if the compound is a natural extract from the cannabis plant.

Cannabis-derived HHC offers lighter THC effects, but it’s hard to make sense of the product. HHC only recently hit the cannabis market, and only a few retailers have a sample of this product. They are mostly selling this product in vape cartridges. Don’t be surprised if this cannabinoid starts making headlines soon since it shows great potential.

States and federal agencies are beginning to ban delta-8 THC on a wide-scale basis, which is still the most legally accepted compound. Even at that, delta-8 is still facing wide legality issues.

However, that could be a thing of the past with HHC. HHC offers a little bit of relief in terms of legality. You might say it’s because scientists haven’t conducted much research about the compound. However, the compound is promising since it’s not a THC product. Since it isn’t well known, it may slip under the radar on drug tests. But that will most likely change. HHC is one of the fastest-growing products for cannabis companies that are producing them.

How Is HHC Different From THC Or Delta-8?

The major difference between THC and HHC is the chemical composition. HHC adds a hydrogen molecule to the chemical structure of THC. In addition, the psychoactive effects of HHC are less potent than that of delta-9 or delta-8 THC. However, manufacturers often put HHC and delta-8 at the same potency level. But scientifically speaking, that is incorrect. Users of HHC have also confirmed that the psychoactive effects of HHC are less.

How Is HHC Made?

Creating HHC takes time. To start the process, CBD is extracted from raw hemp. The pure CBD extract is then isolated and distilled in powder form. From there, the compound goes through many complex processes. The extracted CBD is the base for the chemical reaction that creates HHC. However, the production of HHC is very volatile. A slight miscalculation could result in explosions. Hence, only professional cannabis companies produce this compound.

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What Are The Effects Of HHC On The Body And Mind?

The effects of HHC on the human body and mind aren’t well known yet. Hence, there is a lack of consensus around the product’s potency. The compound is a little complicated. When the cannabinoid is formed, the result is a mix of two different HHC molecules. One molecule, 9R HHC, does the work, while its counterpart 9S HHC doesn’t do so well. A small dose of 9R HHC produces effects similar to delta-8 THC.

How Potent Is HHC?

The potency of HHC varies from batch to batch. The potency of the compound depends on the amount of active and inactive HHC in the batch. Trying to separate the inactive HHC from the active one isn’t cost-efficient.

Hence, brands producing this compound are selling HHC as they produce them. So, for now, brands are trying to increase the amount of active HHC. However, no matter how carefully they produce the compound, it is never a perfect batch. Despite the potency of a batch, HHC offers some form of stress and pain relief. You can observe some of delta-8’s benefits in this compound.

Furthermore, users of this compound have noted that the product makes them sharper. It offers you the motivation you need to hit the gym. It also keeps your brain working optimally. This product’s only recorded downside is the faint plastic taste.

Is HHC Safe To Consume?

Much like many hemp-derived cannabinoids, there’s little to no legal research on the immediate or long-term effects of HHC ingestion. And since hemp-derived cannabinoids are clear of cannabis regulations, brands producing these products aren’t required to test their products of purity and potency levels. Hence, you vape HHC cartridges at your discretion.

HHC Vs. HHC-O Cannabinoids

HHC brand continues to gain popularity. HHC-O, HHC’s cousin, came to the limelight as HHC gained more popularity. HHC-O is obtained when acetic anhydride reacts with HHC molecules. Manufacturers claim that HHC-O is between 1.5 to 3 times the strength of HHC. Hence, the whole HHC family is getting some attention.

How To Pass A Drug Test With HHC In Your System

If you want to pass a drug test, you must educate yourself properly on the type of drug test you will be doing. Most jobs are still using urinal analysis tests. However, hair follicle tests are gaining more popularity. Jobs that have stricter adherence to federal guidelines are adopting hair follicle tests. HHC stays a lot longer in hair follicles than it does in urine or blood.

Furthermore, you should also pay attention to your body size if you are about to get drug tested. The frequency with which you consume cannabinoids also determines if you will pass a drug test or not. If you are a daily cannabis consumer that weighs over 200 pounds, you will need a stronger detox method to clear traces of the compound from your body.

Finally, you need to select a detox kit you can use to cleanse your body before a drug test. Detox kits are essential to staying off the radar of trouble while enjoying your experience. Your body size and the frequency of consumption determine how long you need a detox kit. However, we recommend a 5-10 day detox kit.

Wrap Up: Does Delta-10 Show Up In A Drug Test?

Although hemp-based cannabinoids have received nationwide legality, they can still appear in drug tests. Hence, it is always better to be safe regarding drug tests. With the information provided above, you can adequately avoid trouble during drug tests while enjoying your hemp-based cannabinoid of choice.

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