Does Reishi Help You Sleep? 

Have you been turning and tossing your body instead of sleeping? It’s high time you try consuming medicinal mushrooms. Having quality sleep helps in resting and rejuvenating our bodies. Furthermore, quality sleep is very important to our everyday life since it helps promote good health and our immune system. 

For years now, the extract has been one of the best and most effective ingredients in herbal medicines. This ingredient helps our bodies with several health advantages, including fighting cancer cells, improving immunity, improving your slow wave sleep, controlling blood sugar, and more.

Sleep is also very significant, same as air, food, and water. Reishi mushrooms grow in humid regions of Asia on dead and living trees. Moreover, a raw mushroom is very strong, and consuming it when unprocessed is difficult, and it has a woody texture and taste.

Thus, it’s processed in powder, tinctures, and supplement form. This blog will help you understand how medicinal mushrooms contribute to quality sleep cycles and other benefits from them.

What’s Reishi Mushroom?

There are alot of benefits of reishi mushroom and they have a couple of distinct names. Its scientific name is Ganoderma lucidum, but it’s also called “immortality” or even “Ling Zhi.” The extract is used more in China and other Asian countries to improve their general health. This medicinal mushroom does well in tropical, temperate climates, and subtropical regions, which is why it’s available in Europe, North America, and Asia.

Moreover, this mushroom is more available in the wild. The high demand for this mushroom led to its cultivation. Reishi mushroom is an average dark mushroom with a woody texture and a glossy exterior. The mushroom is edible, although it has a tough texture with a bitter taste. Moreover, these mushrooms are available in powder or capsule supplement form.

Furthermore, the sleep reishi mushroom extracts contain some elements which have possibly beneficial effects on our bodies. They will protect you against tumor development, improve your heart health, promote your liver function, control your blood sugar level, and decrease your risk of allergies, asthma, and infection.

Does Reishi Help You Sleep Deprivation?

As highlighted, the reishi mushroom extracts help with numerous benefits, including lowering blood sugar levels, boosting the immune system, protecting against cancer, and others. Red reishi is also well known to help in treating everything from diabetes to high blood pressure and even flu. One of the major benefits of consuming this mushroom is it helps in improving our poor sleep.

One of the studies done shows that this mushroom helps in treating insomnia and restlessness. The research findings show that continuously consuming these mushroom ingredients for about three days helps in improving insufficient sleep time in rats.

There is a different study done on 132 people with neurasthenia, a poor condition related to aches, dizziness, pains, irritability, and headaches. Consuming this ingredient for eight weeks shows that it helped reduce fatigue, and there was also a health improvement. 

Moreover, a different study done on 48 survivors of breast cancers shows an improvement in general health, and the study shows there is a reduction in fatigue after consuming reishi mushrooms in about four weeks. 

Some people experience reduced depression, boosted calmness, and decreased anxiety. Thus your mind will relax and remain calm, and as a result, you will have a quality deep sleep and wake up refreshed. The supplement improves natural killer cell activity, a white blood cell subset.

This sleep-improving property will assist you in maintaining a natural biorhythm. The powder is understood to be the best for Non-Rapid Eye Movement (N REM) sleep. Light sleep or Non REM sleep time helps our bodies to recharge and recover. 

This sleep type is important to our everyday life since it helps improve our everyday performance, productivity, and concentration. Thus, if you consume reishi mushroom powder to improve your sleep, you will never have to worry about poor performance, even in difficult states.

Therapeutic Benefits Linked With Reishi Mushroom

  • Fights Allergies And Asthma

One of the active ingredients available in reishi mushroom products is triterpenes. It’s a variety of ganoderic acid, which helps reduce histamine and allergic reactions linked with asthma. Even so, the market is loaded with different types of mushroom supplements that also claim to alleviate or even prevent cancer symptoms. 

This ingredient is utilized as an effective and safe natural remedy for asthma. Triterpenes’ active compounds can lower allergic reactions since they help prevent histamine release, improve the immune system, guard the gut lining, promote liver functions, support digestive organs, lower inflammation, and promote oxygen usage.

  • Improves Heart Health

Triterpenes compound in reishi products helps lower blood pressure levels and also helps in cholesterol and blood-clotting reduction. Moreover, this adaptogenic herb also helps lower inflammation available in arteries and blood vessels and restores your hormonal balance.

 High-stress levels and hormone-related issues like thyroid disorders sometimes cause high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Consumption of reishi ingredients will help restore ideal hormonal levels and strengthen your cardiovascular system.

As it helps lower blood pressure, this ingredient will also improve your general blood circulation and decrease inflammation, worsening your heart issues. Moreover, the product also helps prevent clogged arteries since it will always check your cholesterol level.

  • Protection Against Viruses And Infections

Reishi ingredients offer natural antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties because triterpenes substances are one active compound. For instance, besides getting rid of allergies, triterpenes also protect against viral, fungal, and microbial infections. Triterpenes are available in numerous plants that taste bitter, which is a defensive mechanism against predators.

Moreover, reishi mushrooms help in lowering inflammation and improving blood circulation; as a result, they will assist in resolving infections very fast, fight fatigue, and decrease pain. In addition, Reishi mushrooms help in treating the causes and symptoms of hepatitis, urinary tract infections, and HIV/AIDS.

  • Anti-Aging Properties

Reishi mushrooms help in boosting the health of your immune system. Therefore, it will prevent the abnormal formation of the blood vessels. Moreover, its antioxidant feature helps neutralize free radicals, leading to premature aging and chronic diseases.

  • Neuroprotective Properties

Reishi mushrooms offer high therapeutic effects on neurodegenerative disorders, including Huntington’s and Alzheimer’s disease. Moreover, reishi extract helps in supporting the increase of the nerve growth factor, an important protein that promotes healthy neurological functions.

  • Stabilizes Blood Sugar

High blood sugar levels lead to having detrimental effects oN your general health. This can lead to symptoms like unwanted weight loss, fatigue, or frequent urination. Reishi mushrooms feature anti-diabetic properties, which help in maintaining standard blood sugar levels. 

Moreover, they also assist in improving the levels of other enzymes used in controlling blood sugar levels and the way our body utilizes insulin to transport sugar from the bloodstream to tissues.

  • Promotes Liver Function

The liver is a significant organ available in our body. This organ helps in the detoxification process, plus it cleans, stores, and circulates nutrients and clean blood. On the other hand, reishi ingredients operate as adaptogens. 

Therefore, they will prevent liver disease and promote your liver functions. Moreover, they will help your body flush out bacteria and toxins efficiently and boost your immunity to fight against several diseases.

  • Improve Sleep Quality

Since reishi mushrooms balance stress levels and help your body respond to anxiety, your body will have a sense of calmness which helps in having a good night’s sleep.

  • Anti-Cancer Properties

Like several other foods with anti-inflammatory effects, reishi mushrooms contain vital nutrients, which include beta-glucans, antioxidants, and amino acids. Polysaccharides are the most important components available in reishi. 

These nutrient varieties are water-soluble and are found in carbohydrate foods known to be anti-tumors. Polysaccharides available in medicinal mushrooms help in protecting your DNA and block your cell mutations as it protects your body’s healthy cells hence suitable for cancer patients.

Additionally, triterpenes available in reishi products also offer cancer-fighting functions. This compound inhibits metastases and tumor formation by blocking cancerous cells’ attachment to endothelial cells. Moreover, beta-glucans also help fight cancer cell growth and spread as it improves your immune system.

Reishi ingredients help in fighting prostate cancer, breast cancer, ovary cancer, lung cancer, and liver cancer. Reishi also features chemopreventive and antiproliferative effects. Moreover, this product helps alleviate side effects associated with chemotherapy, including nausea, low immunity, etc.

How Reishi Mushroom Operates

As said earlier, reishi mushrooms can protect you against several illnesses, including inflammation, fatigue, infections, liver disease, asthma, allergies, digestive issues, and tumor growth. Others include skin disorders, diabetes, cancer, viruses, autoimmune disorders, heart disease, anxiety, sleep disorders, and depression.

Reishi mushrooms work as an immune modulator. Therefore, they will assist in restoring your hormonal balance, control your immune function, and get your body back to homeostasis. This will assist you in fighting cancerous cells and tumors. 

This mushroom also acts like a normalizing substance by controlling different cellular body systems and functions, including endocrine, cardiovascular, immune, digestive systems, and the central nervous system.

With this mushroom, you’ll get numerous benefits with no side effects. Most consumers report quick improvements in their energy levels, mood, mental focus, etc. Among the ingredients added includes complex sugars (beta-glucans) and plant sterols which act as growth hormone precursors in our body. 

Moreover, it also has polysaccharides which help fight the development of cancer cells, and triterpenes compounds are also present to help switch off your body’s allergy response.

Methods in which reishi mushrooms operate to improve your health include; improving immune response, activating cytotoxic receptors, preventing cell proliferation, destroying vascular endothelial development, promoting plasma antioxidant levels, and converting extra testosterone into dihydrotestosterone.

How Long Do Reishi Mushrooms Take To Work After Consumption?

Not several supplements start to function immediately after consuming them. After consuming reishi mushrooms, you must be patient to see noticeable changes. On average, you will start seeing some effect in about ten days after continuous consumption of reishi mushrooms.

You can also try different recipes associated with mushrooms that are easy to make and offer therapeutic benefits at the same time including stuffed mushroom recipe and mushroom stew recipe.  

How To Consume Reishi Mushrooms? 

Due to growth in popularity, supplements are now available in different forms, including powder, extract supplements or capsules, and they are available online and in approved health food stores. After purchasing a mushroom product, you should always read the instructions carefully because the supplement dose varies depending on the product’s concentration. 

Moreover, you will have side effects when you take a higher dose than the manufacturer recommends. In addition, if you are more adventurous, you can also find a mushroom in the humid region of Asia, Southern Europe, the Southeastern U.S., and the South Pacific. Moreover, you can also try to grow functional mushrooms for sleeping in your backyard by buying reishi spawn online.

When buying reishi, consider the products approved to be pure, produced in the Asian region, and in essence or extract form. The market contains numerous distinct varieties of reishi products. All of these varieties have various levels of active ingredients. They are affected by different factors, including the mother fungi, the processing technique utilized in extracting reishi, and the growing conditions.

The cultivation method should be that which preserves the delicate elements available in reishi. Moreover, check the product’s label; its species name should be Ganoderma lucidum. Also, check the extract ratio, origin, and other added ingredients.

Moreover, reishi products are most effective when consumed during morning hours when your stomach is empty. In addition, consuming water together with reishi helps in absorption. Also, you can consume vitamin C foods to absorb every antioxidant and active ingredient properly. Nevertheless, you can also prepare a cup of Ganoderma coffee or reishi mushroom tea to begin your morning on a higher note.


The right reishi mushroom supplements dosage differs depending on the supplement variety you choose to use. Moreover, when consumed fresh, the dosage ranges between 25 to 100 grams daily. Contrary, reishi mushroom supplements in extract, powders, and capsule forms have a high concentration of the ingredients. Moreover, Ganoderma extract plus other supplements need little amounts to attain similar outcomes.

About 2 to 9 grams of mushroom extract available in powder, tinctures, or capsule form is sufficient to positively affect your body’s health. Moreover, supplements can have different amounts of reishi extract amounts. 

Therefore, following the guidelines about the dosage given to your supplement is suitable to get the appropriate amount. For instance, you can consume a one-gram reishi tablet one or two times a day. Before you start consuming these ingredients, always ensure that they are from organic reishi, which contains no unhealthy ingredients.

Varieties Of Reishi Mushrooms To Assist In Sleeping

Mushrooms for sleep can be consumed directly, or you can get them in powder, capsules, tea, or tincture form.

  • Reishi Powder

The human body quickly absorbs Reishi powder. Moreover, it’s also quicker to swallow and easier to consume. All you need is to mix it with hot water or your coffee/tea.

  • Reishi Mushroom Capsules

Supplements in capsule form are the best option for people who can’t handle the reishi taste. Moreover, reishi capsules offer additional benefits by offering more beta-glucans which support the immune system as it fixes oxidative damage.

  • Whole Reishi Mushrooms

For those struggling to sleep, consuming these functional mushrooms is the best choice for solving your sleeping issues. However, consuming fresh mushrooms is a bit hard because it has a woody texture with a bitter taste. 

Thus, you can consume other alternatives which are easier and more convenient. You can consume the supplement every day or maybe two times a day to get the best results.

  • Reishi Extract

Reishi extracts are in liquid form and are very popular because of their potency. Moreover, the polysaccharides (water-soluble) available in them help improve the immune system, while triterpenes (alcohol-soluble) target cells. 

Moreover, you must prepare the tinctures properly or miss out on the alcohol-soluble ingredients. So, select tinctures which are expertly made and tested for their potency and purity.

  • Mushroom Tea

Creating Reishi tea is one of the easiest methods of consuming this mushroom. Nevertheless, you will require to boil 3oz of reishi dried mushroom for half an hour to two hours. Luckily, some teas are already prepared, e.g., in teabags. Other teas include other mushroom varieties to help in improving your general health.

Reishi Tea Recipe


  1.  Water
  2.  Dried Reishi mushrooms 

An average powder dosage recommendation is about 3 to 5 grams daily, but doses up to about 15 grams are not uncommon. The water amount to use will depend on what you choose and the number of cups of tea you will need to drink. Normally it’s about 4 to 5 cups of water in every 3 to 5 grams of this mushroom. Allow it to boil down to a fraction of its original amount.

Method Of Preparation

With hot water extraction, small pieces are better. Therefore, you need to grind them. The best solution is buying a pre-sliced piece of dried reishi, which will save you the trouble of breaking them into small pieces.


Boil the water using a ceramic or stainless steel pot. With such a prolonged boiling process, don’t use aluminum. Place some mushroom pieces inside the pot and decrease the heat when the mixture starts to boil. 

Allow the mixture to simmer for about two hours. Take it away from heat, set it aside, and strain. Let the liquid cool since it will be very hot. Repeat the process when using strained pieces until the extraction is not colored or bitter.


In supplement form, these mushrooms have little to no calories and just a small amount of protein and dietary fiber. Moreover, the true benefits of this product come from ingredients that aren’t listed on its nutrition label. 

That is, reishi ingredients are jam-packed with antioxidants plus health-promoting compounds like triterpenes and polysaccharides. All these compounds offer some health benefits, including anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetic, and anti-cancer properties.

Several varieties of holistic medicine include extract elements to offer them some benefits and treat various ailments. This pill is a common ingredient available in several traditional Chinese medicines, plus it’s been in use for several years. 

The elements available in this mushroom help nourish the heart, slow aging, maintain liver health, and improve vitality, strength, and stamina. Furthermore, the ingredient also helps promote relaxation and calmness and helps supplement spiritual practices.

Side Effects Linked With Reishi Mushrooms

For several years, these ingredients have been used to treat patients ailing from several diseases, and just a handful of side effects are recorded. This ingredient is categorized as “Class 1”. This means they are safe to consume as long as they are used appropriately. At other times, you can have some skin rashes and mild digestive upset, although these side effects will diminish. This is more common in sensitive individuals that have weakened immune systems.

Reishi ingredients are safe and efficient, and most individuals can tolerate them, although there are other instances when you should consult with your doctor before consuming them. However, it’s recommended not to continuously take this product for a long time.

Reishi powdered forms are stronger, and in other cases, though very rare, you can find it contaminated. When it’s contaminated, it increases the danger of toxicity. Therefore, always be careful when purchasing reishi powder, always purchase on genuine and reputable brands, and check the ingredient label.

If you get any of the side effects listed below, you should discontinue the consumption immediately and consult your doctor to ensure you aren’t experiencing liver toxicity or allergic reaction. These effects include stomach upset, mouth dryness, itchy or dry throat, heartburn, nasal itchiness, nosebleeds, skin rashes, blood in stool, or strong indigestion.

Pregnant and breastfeeding mums should avoid consuming this product not unless the doctor prescribes it.

Interactions With Other Medications

Those with any kind of bleeding disorder or blood clotting issues that consume blood pressure medicines, underwent surgery recently, blood thinners, immunosuppressant medications, or chemotherapy drugs shouldn’t take these mushrooms.

With diabetes medication, the pill lowers blood sugar levels. Consuming mushrooms for sleep and diabetes drugs can lead to low blood sugar levels. Moreover, these ingredients may lower blood pressure. Therefore, taking this extract with lower blood pressure medications may lead to very low blood pressure.

In addition, reishi ingredients may slow blood clotting. Therefore, consuming it alongside other medications, which slows the blood clotting process, may increase the danger of bleeding and bruising.

Interactions With Other Supplements And Herbs

Reishi mushroom may decrease blood pressure; therefore, consuming it with other supplements  including zinc supplements and vitamin C supplements which are similar may lead to very low blood pressure. Some supplements that have this effect include casein peptides, Andrographis, L-arginine, stinging nettle, and niacin.

This extract can lead to low blood sugar. Consuming it with other supplements that have these similar effects may lower blood sugar levels to very low. Some supplements that have this effect include aloe, cassia cinnamon, bitter melon, prickly pear cactus, and chromium.

The supplement may also lead to slow blood clotting, which increases the danger of excess bleeding. Therefore, consuming this product with other supplements with similar effects may increase the danger of bleeding in other people. Some supplements that can worsen this effect are garlic, ginkgo, ginger, Panax ginseng, and nattokinase.

It’s significant to note that food and drug administration doesn’t monitor supplements plus their natural remedies. Therefore, depending on where you buy them from, they may contain other ingredients or strange substances. Moreover, this supplement can treat, cure or prevent infections.

Will Reishi Mushrooms Keep Me Awake?

The Reishi ingredient doesn’t make one drowsy like the way other prescription or over-the-counter sleeping pills do. Moreover, the mushroom doesn’t keep you awake at night. It will simply assist in rejuvenating and recharging your body by assisting you to sleep. Furthermore, it can boost your energy and wake you up ready for the day. These ingredients are neither a stimulant nor sedatives.

Why Is Sleep Significant?

Human beings should have a quality sleep to improve their general health. Moreover, major sleep problems arise from having a busy schedule and occasional stress hormones. Several people around the world are struggling to get proper sleep. Sleep deficiency has been on the rise for the last few years. 

Lacking proper and quality sleep can lead to fatigue-related struggles. These include hindered concentration, bad hand-eye coordination, slower reaction times, unstable mood, decreased memory accuracy, alertness, and slow learning abilities.

Quality sleep means you will have better health, plus the more restful nights you have, the better your immune system and body will be more prepared to fight diseases, recover, and maintain your systems.

Conclusion: Does Reishi Boost Your Sleeping Cycle? 

Reishi mushroom is one of the powerful medicinal mushrooms which offers a long list of possible health benefits, including hormonal balance, immune support, sleep support, etc. Moreover, this ingredient will also improve your heart and liver health, protects you against allergies, infections, and asthma, and keeps your blood sugar in check.

Reishi ingredients are safe, but you can have some side effects which may interfere with other medications. These side effects are brought by overdosing and combining this product with other medications. 

Thus, you need to be mindful of dosage recommendations and consult the doctor if you have a condition or are under medication to check if the supplement will interact with the medication. You can add this medicinal ingredient to soups, coffees, teas, or broths to have a fast and convenient method to boost your best beverages or meals’ nutritional content.


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