East Hills Release 2016-17 Fiscal Year Budget

The Village of East Hills approved a $12,589,053 budget for the 2016-17 fiscal year last Wednesday that for the sixth consecutive year calls for no increase in village taxes.

Mayor Michael Koblenz said the zero percent increase is based on sound financial policies.

“You watch your standing, you get as much grants where you can and you don’t spend what you don’t have,” Koblenz said.

He said the village’s programs, services and facilities in the village will remain the same.

Transportation expenses will increase from $1,158,257 to $1,850,760, culture and recreation spending will increase by $234,390 from last year’s $1,071,110 and programs for the aging will increase by $241,533 to $1,335,500.

The village will spend 15 percent or $1,880,760 of the budget on street improvements, 14 percent or $1,780,661 on employee benefits and $1,584,482 on debt service.

The budget calls for $8,100,986 to be raised in taxes and $2,316,246 in other revenues streams.

The village expects a $1,401,100 to be raised in departmental income, $413,398 in state aid and $167,423 in penalties gained.

Koblenz said the village expects higher revenues from state grants next year but trustees said they were conservative in their budgeting.

“We’ve planned ahead but we have to be sure we are going to get the grant,” Koblenz said. “You don’t spend first and hope that the grant comes in. If it does, we’ll be in an even better shape but if it doesn’t then we’ll be fine.”

The village expects a $14,425 decrease in fees from licenses and permits to $648,350.

Koblenz said he expects the revenues from fees and permits to be higher but that trustees took a conservative approach to the revenue expected. 

“I’m told there are 40 applications for permits but I’m conservative on the dollar amounts,” he said. “What if something happens and they can’t finish the house, then we’re stuck.”

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