East Williston school board approves committees, new hires

The East Williston schools will continue to focus on STEM and social and emotional learning in the upcoming year.

The East Williston Board of Education, at its Monday meeting, approved appointments to board committees and staff roles in the district for the 2017-18 school year.

The Audit Committee will include Trustee Leonard Hirsch, District Superintendent Elaine Kanas, interim Assistant Superintendent for Business Sydney Freifelder and Business Administrator Isha Morgenstern. Community members Patrick Gillespie, Alan Goldstein and Vincent Vincenzo will also serve on the committee.

The Financial Advisory Committee will also include Hirsch, Kanas, Freifelder and Goldstein. Community members Ashish Chabria, Gaddy Cohen, Larry Posner, Alvin Sarabanchong and Michael Sklow will also serve on the committee.

The Capital Facilities Advisory Committee will include Kanas, Freifelder, Trustee Alan Littman, and Nicholas Fusco, director of facilities and operations. Community members Rocky Panetta, Joseph Piscopia, Burt Roslyn and Howard Siegler will also serve on the committee.

The Educational Advisory Committee will include Kanas and board Vice President Robert V. Fallarino, as well as North Side School Principal James Bloomgarden and Meryl Fordin, a North Side teacher and president of the East Williston Teachers’ Association. Community members Claudia Cafarelli, Priti Jain, Dan Krittman, Lucy Liu, Tasneem Meghji, Sarah Mizrahi, Yeine Mohebban and Sharon Piscopia will also serve on the committee.

The board terminated its contract with Danielle Baribault-Rella for public relations services and approved a contract with Melissa Byrns from Oct. 24 through June 30, 2018, at a rate of $3,500 a month.

The board also approved resignations from Lisa Price, a teaching assistant at the Wheatley School, and Nancy Devoe, a stenographer at Wheatley, who both retired after 18 years with the district.

The district also accepted the resignation of Nancy Trabulsi and Maureen Leggett, who served as part-time school monitors at Willets Road School. The board also rescinded Leggett’s appointment as substitute part-time typist clerk at Willets Road School. The board appointed Anne Marie Diaz in Trabulsi’s spot as monitor and Legget’s spot as typist clerk. Lanetra Shuler-Boyd was appointed to fill in Leggett’s spot as monitor at Willets Road School.

The board also appointed Colleen Tannuzzo as a part-time school monitor at Willets Road School as a replacement for Helen Reddington, who resigned.

Other staffing changes include recommending appointing John Avvenire as a substitute part-time bus driver and Melinda Buffolino as a part-time teacher at North Side School. The board approved Gary Jones, Deron Lewis, Barbara Kandybowicz and Jacqueline Ziegler as substitute teachers for the school year. An hourly rate of $17.87 for substitute teacher aides was also set.

A stipend of $1,002 for Marcela Moran was approved for services provided for completing the 2017-18 school calendar and newsletters from July 1 to Sept. 1, 2017.

The board also approved a full stipend for Julia Maloney for Art Club at the Wheatley School and Karen Gilligan at North Side School for Lego Robotics. The board rescinded Joanna Schrager’s appointment to Lego Robotics and Nicole Girgenti’s appointment to Art Club.

Paul Chisolm and Tom Storck will share a stipend for drama set design at the Wheatley School and Ronald Roaldsen was approved to handle the Wheatley School’s mock trial.

The board approved a contract for Live Breathe LLC for parent and student presentations on Oct. 25 and Nov. 1 at a cost of $3,100 for three student presentations and $1,000 for one parent presentation.

The board also accepted a $10,000 grant provided by state Sen. Elaine Phillips to be appropriated by the board.

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