Elmont Memorial celebrates October Model Citizens

Elmont Memorial High School’s October Model Citizens are pictured with Principal Kevin Dougherty. (Photo courtesy of Sewanhaka Central High School District)

The Always a Better Choice Committee at Elmont Memorial High School in the Sewanhaka Central School District wishes to honor students that perform good deeds each and every day. The theme for the month of October was citizenship. The district congratulates the following students.

Nathan Bazile, Stanley Hall and Alex Rodney, for finding a book bag and other belongings on the street and went the extra mile to return it to the school building. Patrick Burke, for finding an iPad and returning it to main office. Natalie Crossman, for finding an iPad in the hallway and returned it to a teacher. Marc-Anthony Tuo, for going out of his way to help a student who was upset and angry and on his way to getting in trouble. He effectively calmed him down and spoke with him about the importance of being responsible and making good choices. Jaida Walker, for helping a student in distress.

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